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We here are huge fans of the Twisted Metal series. From the amount of crazy characters to the stupidest endings ever, so after Twisted Metal: Black we’ve been waiting patiently for a true sequel since then. Twisted Metal came out in early 2012 with an already tough start. Before the game even came out David Jaffe stated “…If you are buying the new TM ONLY or MOSTLY for campaign, might I suggest a rental? “. This hurt Twisted Metal’s chance of being one of those games that would be purchased by all because not only was the storylines usually interesting, the multiplayer itself was great too. The sad thing is he wasn’t wrong.


When Twisted Metal was released I was very disappointed to see the lack of characters. Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm and Doll Face. Where was Axel? Thumper? Yellow Jacket? Minion?! Instead you had three characters that drive different cars. This in itself defeated the purpose of having a single character tied to a single car. They all had their own unique gameplay and vehicles. You wanted someone fast with low shield but a great special? You chose Mr. Grimm and his motorcycle. You wanted someone with a lot of armor you chose Darkside. Now you can choose any car throughout while playing the game. This took away any sense of the characters working on their own deranged vehicles but instead made it out to seem that Calypso just gave them these vehicles. LEt alone that the specials themselves were very tame in comparison. Instead of Mr.Grimm shooting a soul from hell he shot…a chainsaw? What? Why? That’s pretty unbelievably boring. Where’s the creativity?

It was interesting to see how Sweet Tooth would look in Axel’s rig, but it was disappointing to see that it even happened. The points of the vehicles were the point of the character. It was like a pallet-swap from Mortal Kombat, the colors were different and so were the characters. OK, bad analogy. But still, it was taking away the uniqueness of these characters and just made them an empty shell in a big clunk of metal.I mean Axe’s vehicles is one the worse things to drive in a contest like Twisted Metal, originally Axel’s dad put him in it as torture and here’s Sweet Tooth driving it like it ain’t no thang.  TwistedMetal-Axel
The story themselves were great but there were only three. They crashed into each other which was a nice touch and the B-Movie filming was perfectly suited for the world of Twisted Metal. But that was it.
There were no more characters. It would have been great to see these characters in real life and see how twisted the stories could have been, but no, they stopped at 3. From a game series that has over 25 unique characters this was disturbing and lacked any sort of imagination or creativity. I mean obviously the best part of Twisted Metal : Black were the deranged stories. My.Grimm ate his soldier buddy and wore his skull as a helmet. That’s pretty messed up. Here, he’s a stunt-driver via Ghost Rider and wears makeup. Mind-blowing isn’t it?

The gameplay was sort of what you remember Twisted Metal. It’s a car-combat game so having precision driving was never a thing to worry about…unless the game did something silly like throw in frustrating races and target challenges. The racing segments in the main campaign made this game almost fly out the window multiple times and it’s one of the main reasons I’ll never go back and play the campaign again.  Mix in the terrible unfair races (where every other character directly attacks you and not the rest of the racers) with checkpoint specific games…just terrible. Let’s just stick to what Twisted Metal does well. Twist some metal. Luckily we were warned about this and so the multiplayer is where the game shines.

At the beginning the online multiplayer was struggling due to…servers? Not to mention other problems with users saying it crashed their PlayStation 3 systems as well. I was there for the server section since I really wanted to play the game online. It took forever for the servers to come back up and when it did come back on and was working. IT was actually quite fun. Online multiplayer with multiple game types worked very well and the idea of making your own skins for the vehicles was also nice. So at least David Jaffe didn’t lie about that.

Like Duke Nukem Forever last year, I think the thing that made Twisted Metal just a disappointment was the time it took from one of the greatest titles to get this “meh” filled sequel. The name is also boring as Twisted Metal was the original name, at least call it Twisted Metal Black 2 or something else. Not just Twisted Metal. I’m pretty sure hype is what made the game more disappointing. I mean the multiplayer is great but you can only play online so many times. I’m sure the single player campaign is what ruined the game. Just call it Twisted Metal: Online, and we would have all been happy. You want to know the real reason we all purchased this title? Because it came with a downloadable version of Twisted Metal Black. Just being honest.

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