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In celebration of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, we decided to take a look back and see what made the Metal Gear series great. Having played every single Metal Gear title out there and being big fans of the series we look back and see what did make it great  Was it the stealth? Yes, but it really would drag at times. Was it the story? Sort of, but as much fun as LA-LI-LU-LE-LO is to say the story does get confusing and tangled like a Kingdom Hearts plot . What always did stand out were the interesting and dynamic boss battles. The characters, their backstories and the actual battles themselves is what made them interesting. With that in mind here are the Top Ten Metal Gear Bosses. (Oh, and spoilers obviously)

10. Vamp – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


OK, this one is sort of a cheat as it’s not really a boss fight…but it is. You’re not playing you’re watching but the events are still happening. To be fair, 99% of Metal Gear Solid 4 is watching cutscenes so it’s forgivable. Raiden vs. Vamp was one of the first videos a lot of people saw as a promotional teaser for Metal Gear Solid 4, and no matter how old it is, it’s always outstandingly badass to watch. Especially since this is where Raiden was transformed from a joke to one of the greatest fighters that ever existed. Seriously just watch the video below and tell me that it sucked. I dare you. It went on to show what to expect for the then upcoming game and it’s one of those rare moments that the hype was actually worth it.


9.Big Boss – Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Before we even knew, Snake had already faced off against Big Boss himself in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX. Of course us North Americans had no idea that this existed due to it not being available in North America, some of us had our first hands experience when Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence came out and came with Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.  After Snake finds out that Big Boss is the …well…the big boss behind everything (spoilers?), Snake must fight him with no weapons. Snake of course ends up defeating him silly but not with a gun, not with his fist, but instead pulls a MacGyver and uses a spray can and a lighter to torch that mofo. Pretty well done for a game that was originally released in 1990.

8. Gray Fox – Metal Gear Solid

Nothing is quite as chilling as having someone asks you to hurt them. Tyler Durden does the whole “You don’t know where I’ve been bit” thing in Fight Club and Gray Fox sort of does the same thing in Metal Gear Solid. It’s chilling and confusing because we didn’t know what a Gray Fox was at the time but pretended we were happy to see him alive (he was apparently killed in Metal Gear, again, the game we didn’t play). So when this wicked looking ninja-cyborg thing showed up and begged you to hurt him so he can feel pain. We did. And felt bad with every punch-punch-kick combo we did. Grey Fox was one of the first encounters that toyed with our emotions, why did he wants us to make him feel pain? Why was he so messed up? How do we get that Ninja-costume?

7. Fatman- Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyFatman

Besides having a stupid name, Fatman had a name that at least suited him. Being a fat guy is hard but seeing this Rolling-pin skate away from you on rollerblades made you question not only your sanity but also his tactic. He would hide bombs everywhere and as you’re trying to diffuse/freeze them the fat bastard would shoot you and then take off. It was annoying yes, but you got to admit it was unexpected. Especially since the last bomb was under fatty himself. What made the fight interesting is that it was unlike any other boss fights, it didn’t seem to be as serious but it was the most dangerous battles (seriously everything would explode and kill everyone and everything on the Shell). The man was nuts the battle was frustrating as all hell, and that’s what made it so much fun. Laugh and grow fat!

6. Sniper Wolf – Metal Gear Solid

Snipe Wolf was one of the first boss fights that actually forced a bit of emotion from gamers. Fighting her in the dark night with snow all around, using only your thermal glasses while creepily hearing wolves cry in the background made this a very dramatic fight. Especially once she starts dying and tells you about the way she lived as a child and how “gun shots would put her to sleep”, very depressing. She even gives you a handkerchief (well Otacon) and wolves will be nicer to you because of her scent. While she’s coughing up blood and dying Otacon does what he does best. Cry. Seriously, that guy cries a lot. It was heart-warming yet heart-pounding with every slow inch of your scope would reveal. It was the fight you didn’t want to happen but had to happen. Sniper Wolf wasn’t a bad woman, she was a bad woman.

5. Liquid Ocelot- Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


Snake vs. Ocelot isn’t really the most epic and enduring fights ever, but what it does is fill you with nostalgia, and makes you realize that after 800 days of cutscenes, this is it. The moment of truth. The final boss fight ever from  the Metal Gear Solid series. It a simple hand-to-hand combat with the Ocelot himself (again cutscenes galore) but where it takes place and what it stands for is what makes it so enjoyable. Ocelot and Snake are going at it at a specific location-where else-Outer Heaven. After the two go at it, and Ocelot is finally beaten…he does one thing that makes every gamer want to salute him. The little hand thing from Metal Gear Solid 3. D’aw.

4. Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

How can we make a list of Top Ten Metal Gear bosses without putting this guy on the list. You all knew he’d be here. Of course he would. Why? Well the first time he moved the controller across the floor with his telekinetic power and when he said that he knew I liked playing Castlevania...And he was right! Oh, he also made the screen go black and knew my every movement making it near-impossible to defeat him. How do you beat this guy? Switch the controller to port 2. Goddamn this was iconic. Of course once Psycho Mantis is beaten, he gives his whole shpeel as well, because villains in Metal Gear Solid are very melodramatic that way, and it sort of makes you feel bad for him. Then you remember that he knew your every movement and he was a jerk for that. Also you had to punch Meryl a couple of time which is always uncomfortable. To this day Psycho Mantis will be remember for the amount of 4th wall-breakage that came with it. How incredibly clever it was and how amazingly-unique the whole experience was. No other game has come close to the amount of thrill a boss fight  as much as Psycho Mantis did and still does.

3. The End – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The End is old. Like, really old. He doesn’t budge or do anything until throughout the whole game, usually bound to a wheelchair until it’s you against him. He is way better than Sniper Wolf  and a lot more skilled and patient, while Sniper Wolf would run from run location to another The End would lie in the grass for hours, and this match can easily last you up to two hours. He hides in plain sight of you watching your every movement without you realizing it and unless you see a reflection from the sun off his scope or have a directional-microphone you are going to have a tough time beating him. He’s also surprisingly fast for an old guy who will shoot you on sight and then take off if you get too close to him, sometimes throwing a flash-grenade . If you want to be a dick you can always fast forward the game’s time (by going into the system’s setting) and just have him die of old age. This is why I love Metal Gear.

2.The Sorrow – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


The Sorrow has already been on our list before and it’s no wonder. This fight isn’t really a fight; it’s more of a trip through your nightmare. Every person you killed will show up in this fight. As Snake slowly stumbles through the river  (after taking a pill)  soldiers with body parts missing will walk past you complaining and moaning about their injuries, it depends on how many people you killed really, so the more guys you killed the longer the match. If you went on a murderous-frenzy it can last 10 minutes if not it can last 5 minutes. Oh and terrible images flash and scream on screen. It’s not a great battle, but damn did this ever stand out, it was really terrifying, everytime I play this game I absolutely tread this moments since I know how startling the whole ordeal is especially at the pop up screams since I’m startled easily. Also The Sorrow has a great backstory as well (he’s Ocelot’s father!!!) oh also he’s already dead throughout the game. Yup. While cutscenes were happening “R2″ would show up on the screen indicating that you press it to see things from Snake’s perspective and you would sometimes see The Sorrow just hanging around in the background with no one else noticing. Chilling

1. The Boss – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


There has never been a boss fight that made me cringe at pulling the trigger except for the beautifully-engaging fight with the boss. With a time limit counting down for a missile oncoming you fight the boss-your mentor-in a field of flowers, all while the theme song of Snake Eater plays in the background. It’s not that interesting of a battle honestly as it’s more of a challenge of beating her before she beats you but it’s how it happens that is depressing.
When you finally do beat The Boss, Snake (like many other boss fights) learns a hell of a lot of information about her. Put it this way. If The Sorrow is Oceleot’s father , you’ll be shocked to find out that The Boss is Ocelot’s mother! (Gasp!). She literally gave birth to him on the battlefield resulting her in having a scar across her abdomen in the shape of a Snake (get it?! Foreshadowing?! I think?). While after defeating the Boss, Snake stands above her and although this whole time it was a cutscene, the game does a jerk move and forces you-the player-to pull the trigger, in a game filled with cutscenes they really know how-to mess with you. As Snake pulls the trigger you feel a sense of loss rather than victory only to have snake himself have a blurry-eyed vision while he salutes her grave at the end. Excuse me…I need a hanky.

What did you think of the Top Ten Metal Gear Bosses? Did you Agree/Disagree? Was there a boss that didn’t make the cut? Leave a comment below and let us know! 


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