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Last year we looked at how love can be used as an attack, this year we are just looking at games that really are about love just in time for Valentines Day. Either the premise or the whole reason of the game. Unlike movies, games aren’t really subtle about love, it’s pretty much in your face, but there are some games that are all about saving the one you love or finding the one you love and it’s hard to remember that, without love there probably wouldn’t be a game. This is Top Ten Games Based Around Love

 10.Super Mario Bros.

Why would anyone save the princess as many times as Mario did? Besides for story? Mario and princess are obviously in love considering how many times she’s kissed him and hearts appear. Very little dialogue is spoken between them and this is clearly visible. Most, if not, all games are based around saving the princess. Right from the first title of Super Mario Bros. to the newest Super Mario 3D Land, the point is the same. SAVE THE PRINCESS. Save the loved one?

9.Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid is an anti-war game that stands above a lot of story driven games. It’s about passion, stealth, betrayal, loyalty and in Metal Gear Solid 2, it’s about love. And they won’t shut up about it. Even though Jack and Rose are probably the most annoying couple ever to hit any game you can’t help but become somewhat interested in their story. Mostly because you’re forced to listen. But still Jack must now stay alive and beat Solidus, not only for himself and the safety of the country but for his annoying girlfriend Rose who–pause–is carrying his child too! It also doesn’t help that their names share the same name of that of Titanic, which is also a love story taken place in a terrible disaster…Like Metal Gear Solid 2 and it’s underground laboratory.


Doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re willing to protect someone without really knowing them, you’re a hero. Ico is the story of a boy who gets locked up for having horns. There he meets a beautiful girl who is locked up and he’s there to rescue her.
Ico puts himself in danger to save this girl and over time they both start to fall in love with each other, even though she seems older. There is nothing cruel or over the top with this story it’s just a tale of love and bravery. Again this kid puts himself in harms way to defend a girl he just met. It’s a beautiful game that must be played by all.

7.Bionic Commando *written by Rooster*

For those who’s played Bionic Commando, you should already know that it’s a futuristic Tarzan. The love starts with a man name Spencer, Spencer loves Emily. Only problem is Emily is gone and he has no idea where she went, where she go? Spencer is sent on missions left, right and center looking for the love of his life. He has visions of her throughout the game, does this mean he is getting closer?
Our hero finally makes it to the end, where he learns about his wife with a nice visit…spiritually. You ready for this?

*SPOILER* (highlight to read)

Emily states to Spencer (after getting his ass handed to him by the final boss) that she will “always be by his side”. It took me a bit of seconds to realize it; she is literally by his side. Emily is in his Bionic arm. She’s been by his side through all his struggles and assisted him any way possible through the arm. How is she in the arm you may ask? “In order for bionics to work perfectly, they have to sync with their host on both an emotional and physical level. In this case, Spencer’s wife was the perfect candidate.” Spencer went across the world and fought many enemies in the hopes to find his wife Emily, she never left his side. Love is always where you least expect it, in this case the arm. Emily wouldn’t have sacrificed herself if she did not love him a lot. How many can say that videogame characters would Love someone that much?

Well, Check out # 6

6.Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott loves Ramona but is dating Knives. Ramona is more mature and experienced, Knives is obsessed with Scott. Ramona has 7 exes that you must defeat. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has you play as one of four characters. Scott is obviously a jerk toying around with emotions but the whole thing wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for his childish ways. A story about love in a game filled with old video game references.

From the comics to the movie it’s all about not becoming Ramona’s new ex. You’re literally fighting for love but at the same time fighting yourself (in this case Nega-Scott). With betrayal, hurtfulness, distrust and Anamanaguchi as a rocking soundtrack this game must be loved by all.

5.Silent Hill 2


Being one of the best games in the series, Silent Hill 2 is about James Sunderland looking for his wife in a town named Silent Hill. He receives a letter telling him to meet her in said town except (dramatic music) she’s already dead! Still for this sexually frustrated guy his memories of her comes out in sort of haunted images, especially the all powerful mannequin-raping Pyramid head. James Sunderland must voyage through places where his wife leaves hints as to where she is, even though he knows she’s dead he won’t give up and must find her.What a beautiful love story.

Now I’ve had this conversation with friends all the time but would YOU risk your ass in a town like Silent Hill to save the one you love? Or would you grab the nearest sidewalk curb and try to curb-stomp yourself?


Some might forget that this game even exists, we didn’t and we here loved it. Sure with a name like Splatterhouse and a reputation for being gory you actual forget there is a point to this all.

Rick is after his girlfriend Jennifer.

With flashbacks of Rick lying in his own intestines and clips of a girl  being taken away, he puts on a mask that makes him into a beast. Sure the mask makes him a hulk but the whole reason why Rick doesn’t just die is to save the one he loves. Take away the blood, swearing, and nudity you have a game about putting your life in danger to save the one you love. Sort of like Mario, just with breasts, and blood…and swearing.

3.Dead Space


Dead Space is about alien zombies or necromorphs as they liked to be call in this game. It’s a very gory and startling game. So throughout the game Isaac Clark is trying to escape this insanity–and also trying to find his girlfriend Nicole. He’s pretty much looking for the one he loves and wouldn’t be doing all this if it wasn’t for her. Hell, I’m sure if he didn’t have anyone to look for he would turn the plasma gun on his throat. Unfortunately **spoiler highlight below to read**

whatshername is dead. Turns out the marked has this thing where it makes you hallucinate and Nicole actually killed herself a while back. The cool thing is the games levels actually spell this out for you.

New Arrivals
Intensive Care
Course Correction
Obliteration Imminent
Lethal Devotion
Environmental Hazard

Into the Void
Search and Rescue

Dead on Arrival
End of Days
Alternate Solutions
Dead Space

Cool little Easter egg.

2.Final Fantasy VIII

Being one of my favorite titles of all time I had some controversy when I said it was the “Hitler” of the series ( which just mean no one really liked it, it was the worse one, oh never mind).
Final Fantasy VIII starts right away with your surprisingly hot teacher who start off developing feelings for the feminine looking protagonist: Squall. Eventually Rinoa enters the picture and throughout battling aliens and traveling through time the basic premise is that Squall and Rinoa should be together. Hell it’s the logo of the damn game, guess how it ends?

With its annoying bickering and nagging with both characters (including another love story featuring Leon) the whole premise is really about love. Without love there really was no point to continue. Sure it’s all convoluted and twisted and distorted and typical but still he loves her, she loves him, he’s too much of an emo-knob to say anything about it.  It takes a while for the heartless-cold Squall to finally show some emotion, but when he does the game really bonds to you like a symbiote.


Vincent is a fool. After questioning himself and his life decisions with Katherine a young, spunkier version appears and meets him at a bar. Her name is Catherine. She hopes Vincent isn’t cheating on her (because she’s psychotic) but what she doesn’t know is Vincent is cheating on Katherine with Catherine, not cheating on Catherine with Katherine.

Things don’t work out when Katherine reveals that’s she’s pregnant to Vincent and he somehow must make sure both parties don’t know about the other. Mind you this could all be avoided if he wasn’t a tool and just told Catherine “look last night was a mistake I was drunk and already have a girlfriend”. But then again the story would end there and the game would not exist.

Vincent must battle his nightmares in –well–his nightmares. Literally pushing and pulling blocks and trying to run from what’s he’s afraid of (giant chainsaw baby). Being a sheep and literally following the other sheep and cheaters and terrible people he must get out and save Katherine and his relationship. It will actually make you worry about every text message he receives and  the game will ask you personal questions and will play out to the way you would react (turns out I’m a wiener).

Catherine is the must go love game. It’s personal and it can happen (minus the chainsaw baby), it’s the game that takes love and literally makes it a game about jumping hurdles and pushing against sheep (again literal). If you haven’t experienced it give it a shot, great story and characters with a unique Q-Bert looking game.







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