Wanting to reach the world of Nerd Culture? Look no further! is now selling space to advertise anything Nerd Related.
This includes Comics, Books, Movies, Video Games, Websites, and also Soundtracks.

The demographic audience for is ages between 18-34 both male and female. Unique visits range from 40 000 to 50 000 per month and this year (2012) 386515 unique visits thus far. is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. also has a wide range of articles that coincide with movies and opinion pieces, (Top Tens especially earning the most traffic). The Paranerds Podcast also shows the personalities of the staff with a wide range of fans from Canada to the UK.

Those interested email: Advertise (AT) Paranerds (dot) Com

 Sidebar Ads

325 X 250 -$20/Month*
 300 X 250 – $15/Month*

Text Advertising -$10/Month*

 Footer Ads

728 X 90 Banner Footer – $10/ Month*
 In Article Ads – $30/ Month (Ad at the end of every post)*

 ParaNerds Podcast AD Space- $10/ Month* (You can record or we can)

*Prices are subject to change unless contracted for what’s been purchased

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