Nov 092011

Played on: iPhone 3GS

It might sound crazy to base a game off of a minimum-wage paying job but here it is. A grocery-stacking puzzle game called Bag It! A game which you must stack items on top of each other and try to fit food in a bag…told you it sounds crazy.

Bag it! is a game that will make anyone actually doing it hate their life, but somehow it takes the core basics of the common knowledge of putting the eggs in the bag last to a whole new level. Your mission is simple really; stack items accordingly to weight and space. Watermelons are hard and heavy so out them on the bottom, bread sticks are light and fragile so put them on top. The idea, although not necessarily new, brings some unique challenges and ideas to the table. Some levels will have a time limit to make sure everything fits and special medals rewarded for extra challenges. Some levels will only allow you to have 3 items crushed and anymore will result in a game over. There are a lot of challenge to keep you busy, this helps by keeping the game from becoming redundant.

The game itself plays well. Stacking items are easy to do and even tilting them like an indecisive Tetris piece is simple to use. You pretty much select one item and tap with the other finger. Nothing complicated or over the top. Just a simple control scheme that anyone can pick up. There is a little bit of motion put into play as well where you have to “shake” the bag to make everything fit in…like a real grocery-person-stacking-person.Luckily the motion is used to a bare minimum.

The animation and the items reaction and expressions are fun to watch too. It could have just been regular old boring watermelons, but instead these little guys have faces. If an item is too heavy you will be able to see by their reaction. If they’re next to an item that is exactly what they are, say two milk cartons they will be happy. The puns are also fun to read even if a little cheesy..get it cheesy? Actually that’s not in the game.

There are a ton of levels to choose from and more coming (assuming the game does well). You must get Three stars in order to advance to the next section and in doing do you will unlock a whole new pack of levels. Bag It! is addicting and a lot of fun. It really surprises me how developers can take normal concept of everyday life and add a twist to keep it interesting. The absence of OpenFeint and GameCenter support is a little bit of a shame but doesn’t ruin the gameplay experience at all. Bag it is a ton of fun and makes you feel rewarded for being able to stack groceries. It will be available on November 17 so when it’s released purchase this and become the master stacker!



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