Jun 182011
Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Original Price. $.99

Today’s Free App of the Day is a puzzle-based game: Burn the Rope

With such a simple premise Burn the Rope is one of those rare games that use the iPhone motion capabilities to its full potential. The point of the game is to–wait for it– burn the rope. Mind blowing I know.

We don’t need no water…

It’s a very Saturday-morning-cartoon kind of game with the little flame dancing like Ren & Stimpy after you beat a level. It’s very bright and very colorful which is always a welcome change.

…Let the mother fu**er burn…

It’s a pretty complex game to play actually. The point is to burn the rope using the motion, ever try to light a cigarette upside-down? It’s sort of like that. You control the up rise of the flame by roating your phone to keep the flame burning, you must keep rotating the phone around to burn everything on the screen. Like always the levels get surprisingly difficult with certain ropes only being able to burn with a certain colour flame.

…burn mother fu**er burn!

There are bonus rounds and puzzles of the day to keep you coming back for more, along with achievements and high scores it’s an addicting and fun little title.

Download HERE


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