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Cubixx HD is the newest title for the PlayStation network. Mixing arcade style mechanics with a high-definition upgrade.

As some may or may not have read Laughing Jackal is the developer of a PlayStation mini titled OMG-Z and another title Cubixx. Unfortunately Minis are rare for whatever reason to stand out among the crowd. Cubixx was one of those titles that stood its ground. Now making its way as an exclusive ps3 title Cubixx HD is the revised version of Cubixx.

If you’re not familiar with the style it plays sort of like the game Qix. I’ve never played that game in the arcade but I have played a disgustingly different amount of flash games based on the idea. What makes Cubixx HD stand out is that instead of a flat surface you’re on a floating cube. You control a little ship or “Cubot” as the game calls it and your goal is to cut through a certain percentage o the cube. The bottom right corner will state what percentage and that is the goal at hand and this is definitely no easy task. It starts off rather simple with a lot of description and explanations of how the game works, so it does start a little slow. But once you’ve beaten the first level the game becomes challenging and unforgiving. That is not a bad thing.

There are a certain amount of power-ups, upgrades and downgrades that will show up randomly. Upgrading may mean being invincible for a set number of time and downgrades can mean slowing down, reversing your controller but doubling the points. Yes in this game points actually do matter. You’ll find yourself trying to gain as many points as possible in order to retrieve an extra life. Yes the game uses the old life system too.

What makes this game a challenge is that it takes a rather simple concept and throws a varying amount of obstacles in your path. You’ll have orange blocks that can’t be killed but are always following you, little dots that run along the outline of the cube that will kill you and little shadowy things called “homers” which will attach to you and eventually slow you down to the point where it kills you. So yes everything hates you. The cube also will have obstacles of its own with some levels having asteroid targeting at specific spots and black holes that will mess around with your speed. It’s engaging.

There is a 7-player multiplayer but unfortunately I lack the friends and the controllers to give this one a shot. What I did do however was play with three friends and passed the controller along after every level or after every death. This ups the game a lot. You’ll find you all clenching your teeth as you get closer to your mark while there are barely any cube left to destroy. I can only imagine this being a lot more fun with a lot more controllers. We still had a great time hollering at each other when a hard level was completed. Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer which would definitely be a lot of fun and chaos.

There are about 50 levels in the game and every 5 levels the game saves. These are “milestones” and that means you will not be required to start from the beginning but instead from the last stage you started. This gives you a reason to actually try and complete all 5 levels rather than dining around and not taking the levels serious. Once you’ve reached that milestone you will be relieved but a whole new challenge waits making the game always unique. Along with the main arcade mode there are a lot more including Time Attack, Score Attack, Line Attack, Challenges and Deathmatch. These really change the pace of the game and can get a lot more intense depending how you play. The more levels you unlock in arcade the more levels you unlock on these other modes. Leaderboards actually play a big part too since this game is all about high score so you’ll want to see yourself on the top just like the golden days of arcades.

Cubixx HD looks and sounds great. Sure it’s just a floating box but the background is constantly moving and thriving to the beat of the music. There is a lot going on and the game never slows down. The crisp bright graphics will bring you back to the arcade days and it sort of makes your room/office/dungeon seem like a club when the lights are off. The music is bizarre (the lyric especially) but the beats actually sort of fit in with the game and helps compliment the aesthetics. The controls do have it’s rough moments where nothing happens when I try to move but these are rare occasions. The controls are so easy that I’ve let friends whose never heard of a video game before try it out and they instantly understood it. Move around and shoot the laser, that’s it.

Cubixx HD is a wild ride. It starts off slow with a lot of explanation but eventually picks up and becomes a life of its own. There are no memorable characters no storyline tacked on, just a great arcade style game that looks and sounds well . Playing this in single player with a group of friends is crazy fun and playing this with multiplayer will be too. The amount of modes to be selected and challenges unlock give this game crazy amount of replay value. It’s one of those PSN titles that I think everyone must try and you’ll instantly love.




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