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Today we’re diving right in. As you might expect, some of the most anticipated games of the year populate this particular category. We got some sequels, some new games, and some hard to classify games. Let’s get into it then.

September 18th

The first Borderlands flew under the radar at first before surprising everyone and cementing itself as one of the better shooters of it’s time. With a very pretty aesthetic, solid gameplay that combined RPG elements with FPS and a 4 player MP that made the game even more fun the game had it all. Oh, and did I mention a ridiculous amount of guns? The sequel will feature all new characters and classes, including the much advertised Gunzerker who can dual wield any weapon in the game (yup, that includes rocket launchers). Obviously all of this is to be seamlessly integrated online so you can play with up to four people again. The game will also introduce you to brand new parts of Pandora and new enemies that inhabit it to make sure this adventure is just as different as the first one. And of course, even more guns according to the developers. But it’s not just about guns, all of the other equipment such as grenades, shields, class artifacts etc. Buckle down and circle your calendar, and a few weeks after it. You’ll need all of that time.

*video courtesy of GearboxSoftware

October 9th

Earlier on, this was a pleasant surprise. A new IP that was announced not too long ago and dazzled us with a cinematic trailer. After getting shown gameplay videos that highlighted a very unique and beautiful setting, as well as varied and choice abundant progression it is hard not to get excited. Some may argue that this perhaps isn’t an FPS in the most traditional sense of the word, but I still want to talk about it here mostly due to the first person view. You will play as an assassin in steam punk England working to prove your innocence and eliminate the corrupt. A-top standard FPS stuff you will have a slew of supernatural powers such as possession other living creates or stopping time to get the job done. In addition, the game will feature a steady progression and upgrade system unlocking new powers and potent gadgets and weapons that will allow you for even more flexibility as you progress through the game. Overall, Dishonored has everything gamers look for in the IP: a unique and enticing setting, a well drawn out storyline, excellent game mechanics full of choice, and of course lots and lots of good ole ultra-violence.

*video courtesy of BethesdaSoftworks

October 16th

Over the past few years, Bond games have experienced a sort of revival in their digital form. Let’s be honest, some of them weren’t that bad either, so hopefully the trend will continue. What we know so far is that this particular installment will take place in the Bond universe over six various films tying them all together into a cohesive narrative, with Skyfall being the very last episode. Most of the missions have been revealed and include such iconic ones as Moonraker. Daniel Craig will once again lend his voice to agent 007 through the game.

*video courtesy of GameNewsOfficial and Activision

October 23rd

This year’s competition to the Call of Duty franchise. This years installment will run on DICE’s Frostbite 2.0 engine that powered battlefield for both multi player and single player. The single player campaign will be your standard affair where you continue to undertake Tier 1 operations through the world, with locations such as Philippines and Somalia already revealed. Not only will you be involved with the US Tier 1 but other elite unites from around the world will be featured in the game. These include: German KSK, Polish GROM and Canadian JTF2 to name the few. Tier 1 will also feature heavily in multiplayer, which I am assuming implies numerous co-op missions throughout the world. Similarly, the competitive multiplayer will be class based, featuring six various classes. While the previous Medal of Honor was a step in the right direction it fell short when it came to fulfilling it’s ambitions. This game looks like it’s on the right track.

*video courtesy of EAGames

November 4st

As if this wasn’t going to make it on the list. Having one of the most iconic trilogies of the generation was not enough for Microsoft, so they partnered with 343 Industries to make another one. This time, Master Chief finds himself on an entirely different planet, with new enemies (as well as some old ones) and that means plenty of stuff to shoot at. The single player campaign has you stepping into the old and all too familiar shoes of the worn down hero. The game will feature new tools and perks to spice up and diversify the experience as well as a number of co-op/competitive modes such as War Games (traditional MP) and Spartan Ops (the last one promised to have constant updates including new scenarios keeping the multiplayer gameplay constantly evolving). Overall, the team at 343 seems to be dedicated to crafting an experience that separates them not only from the previous developer Bungie, but from the rest of the pack when it comes to the FPS experience. Is it time for FPS king that once revolutionized the genre to reign one more?

*video courtesy of Gamespot, 343 Industries and Microsoft

November 13th

You didn’t think there’d be a year without a Call of Duty game, did you? Well, here you go. After the phenomenal sales success of Black Ops, the decision was made to come back and give that part of the series another go. In another surprising leap the series will take a plunge into feature warfare. This means a number of new technologies and drone warfare. Given the series’ affinity for the grand set-pieces expect yet another monumental exploration of human violence and over the top scripted scenarios as you work through the campaign. But enough about that, because we know why we’re all really here. All of your standard modes are back and Treyarch seems to be reviving their wager game modes in full effect. What is exciting for many fans is the changes that come with moving the timeline. The future means new perks, new toys to play around with and more importantly new killstreaks. And just a week after Halo 4. It’s safe to say that November is the month we will stay inside.

*video courtesy of Activision

December 4th

And just when you thought there was breathing room, another big title release snuck itself into the fray when it comes to holiday season. After all of the CoD and Halo excitement dies down, FarCry will be able to establish itself. The series, known for it’s gorgeous open world environments doesn’t hold anything back this time around. Set in a tropical paradise (or is it) the game is not afraid to test some interesting themes. The game seems to feature a luscious open world with many ways to traverse it and with many ways to survive. This time around we’re also introduced to the aggressive wildlife, something absent in the predecessor. From what we’ve seen so far, the game looks simply gorgeous and the enemy behavior is well scripted and challenging. Multiplayer also poses unique challenges, and while there is little out there about the competitive side, we’ve seen the 4 player co-op that deals with specific scenarios at E3. This game seems to have it all, and enough content to get you through the winter.

*video courtesy of UbiSoft


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