Dec 202012


As much as we loved New Super Mario Bros. 2 , we couldn’t help but feel that the game was too short and the coin rush was a gimmick that wouldn’t hold. But Nintendo sort of proved us wrong by offering for one of the first times…Downloadable Content. Many packs have already been released for NSMB.2 including a FREE Classic Course Collection. Now the final two Coin Rush packs are available.

The two new packs are The Mystery Adventure Pack a multiple-path taking adventure and an Impossible Pack; a pack that is the most toughest Mario scenarios ever made.

The Impossible Pack sounds the most interesting as it involves ZERO power-ups and ZERO coins. The only way to get coins is to make is to the end of the level as quickly as you can. Now that sounds like an interesting level. If only these course packs were implemented into the actual game since as of writing this I have 562 lives. 562!!! How is that even possible. Anyways the two course packs are the finals packs available on top of the eight that are already offered. Including the Free Classic Course Packs (which is free until November 2012 to 31st  January 2013, after which you will have to purchase said content).

the Impossible Pack ramps up the difficulty to extreme levels – only hardened Mario players need apply because these levels might be some of the hardest in Super Mario history.  There isn’t a single power up or even a coin in the entire pack and the only way to receive coins is to complete the course as quickly as you can. Getting to the end is far from easy though!


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