May 182013


Developer: Gameloft
Original Price: $4.99

Today’s free app of the day is a sandbox title: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

OK so every free app I play I try to play as much as possible before recommending it. I can’t lie. I didn’t play a whole lot of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Not because it’s bad, no, far from it, but because it’s big. Big file, big game and big processing needed. Slowly I’m recognizing that my iPhone 3GS is no longer capable for this world. So I couldn’t play this without it sweating and struggling to load a single step.IMG_2727

But from what I did play I want more. This GTA-inspired game not only looks good but the voice acting and music is pretty decent as well. Even the driving parts played well with you tilting the phone. I’m surprised how much I enjoyed it and again I want more! It’s a pretty great concept, and the fact that it’s a Gameloft (the greatest iOS developers ever) game means you’re in for some real polish.


I guess I should also mention that this game is for 17+ age people. Some call it mature I call it immature, but whatever. Within the first cutscene you have a crotch-grab and the F woid (sic).  I’m sure there’s plenty more to come from just the introduction. Again I didn’t play a whole lot.

There’s a good story here somewhere and I know it, but I wasn’t able to indulge in it due to my phone being old apparently. But just because I can’t enjoy doesn’t mean you can’t. (Unless you have an iPhone 3GS in this case, this is awkward). This is only available for the weekend so get it while you can.



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