Dec 102012

Played on: iPhone 3GS

Remember that one scene in Indiana Jones where Indy had to play with light beams to get treasure? Guide the Light is filled with those, except a little more complicated and more complex than just guiding the light. Does the light lead the way or would you rather sit in the dark?

Your character is Captain Blake the explorer, he, like many other explorers, is after treasure that is in the pyramid. Your job is to get him to said treasure. You’re not hunting or searching for the treasure but instead trying to open a door that leads him to it. In order to do that you must control mirrors and move rocks to get the beams of light to their destinations. Either a green beam to a green hole, red to red and so on and so forth.

How you do this is at first you’re shown a puzzle in which the light-beams are aiming at various direction in various colors,  you control the mirrors that are directed towards a certain angel and point them to the corresponding colored hole. You simply just slide the mirrors to where you want it to go along with move objects out of the way to let the light through. That’s pretty much the idea of the game, your bouncing light off of reflectors and playing with color along the way, yes it does sound complicated but it really isn’t that bad.

The puzzles are very well done and some will have you scratching your head until the day after, when your mind is at ease. The puzzles actually look more complicate than they really are due to the amount of objects and different light beams on screen. It’s very simple to control and pretty self-explanatory. With 25 levels in the map called “The Pharaoh’s Pyramid” to boggle your mind and another map to explore you’ll be playing this for a while.

Graphics are simple as well. The opening scene is brilliant while the rest of the game has a modern touch to it. Captain Blake looks like…well…an explorer and his character design is efficient to what is at hand.  The music is great as well, as the main theme has an eerie similar-sounding tune to Uncharted’s theme (at least the first couple of notes sound similar) while the main game’s song will keep itself in your head after you’re done. The whole thing looks sharp and the beams of light all look fine and substantially different than the other, so you’ll never have to worry about a red light looking similar to an orange light as they’re all vastly different colors.

Again, since this is a puzzle game, most puzzles look more intimidating than it really is, although it still doesn’t mean you’ll get them right away. With the screenshots above the puzzles might look incredibly confusing and make you feel nauseous just looking at them, and that’s normal, but finding out the solution is the best part and really is rewarding when you do figure it out. Guide the Light is a great time killer but must be played when your mind is relaxed. Your brain will go into overload in some rooms and if you’re not a quick on your feet you can be stumped for a while. Believe me, that’s a great thing. The puzzles are well varied and will have you controlling light in a way you’ve never experienced. Guide the Light certainly guides you into the right direction.


We received a review code for Guide the Light.  All opinions are honest and of the minds of staff.


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