Mar 112013
IMG_2520Played on: iPhone 3GS
Version reviewed:1.0.0
Developer: TagGames

Imagine running your own hotel, filled with the hottest celebrities and artists of our time. Sounds awful doesn’t it? Luckily Hotel Vegas–a free-to-play tower-builder game–is awfully addicting.


If you’re familiar with the game Tiny Tower, Hotel Vegas takes on a similar approach in which you build your hotel higher and higher. This time you have to try and stop the paparazzi while at the same time making your Stars happy.  You don’t control the stars themselves rather you’ll take control of—well—the elevators mostly. You’ll see errands that must be done and you select an employee to do them. Just tap one place that is the objective and assign an employer to do it. Doing this earns you money which then earns your another floor on the hotel and rinse and repeat. Obviously the main goal is to keep building your tower which takes real-time minutes to complete which makes you come back 15 minutes later.

You can train your employers as well if you’d like by using diamonds that can be purchased from the store (which the game reminds you every single time) or you can earn them from making celebrities happy. These are also used to speed up the process of some activities since the game does run on real-time. Since the game is free to play the micro-transaction are fair, although it has to calm down a bit with always telling you about it.


When I mentioned earlier that Hotel Vegas runs in real-time it makes the game fun for that limited time and then you play the waiting game. This brings me to one of the games problems. It’s one of those games that you put in a lot of tasks and then wait until they are completed. Some events take place for 15 minutes so you’ll see no need to keep playing until those tasks are done. Sometimes when the tasks are done there’s nothing to do and you just stare at your employers staring and judging you.  Then out of nowhere there’s a lot to do and not enough employers. It’s all very random. It’s only when you’re bringing celebrities up floors, while making employers finish tasks while slowing down the paparazzi is when the game gets interesting.

Of course these celebrities are more caricatures than the real counter-part. Although a celebrity that looks like Mel Gibson happens to be an alcoholic or another celebrity is making a sex-tape, it’s all very tongue-in-cheek and their designs are pretty adorable, I’ll give em that. It’s nice that although I don’t care about celebrities or their world, I can tell who is Prince and what a Johnny Depp is. They just look cute, what with the wavy arms and big head.


Hotel Vegas isn’t the blockbuster title, but it’s a cute title. It’s really that addicting but it has those moments that you find yourself doing the entire task then awkwardly watching you characters do nothing. It’s not a bad idea either, but for some reason I feel as this game should have more of a Hollywood theme to it instead of Vegas. There’s nothing really Vegas about the whole thing besides the celebrities and their existence makes it feel more Hollywood, although now I’m just digressing. Hotel Vegas was also banned in the UK due to having a naked- Prince Harry.

If you like free than give this game a shot. It’s not that bad. Their could be a little more to it but for what it is it will keep you entertained until the tasks are done. The caricatures of the celebrities might make you giggle at their names but other then the celebrity names smacked on, at the end of the day it is a tower-builder game that asks you to come back. Again the game is free so give it a shot.


We received a review code for Hotel Vegas.  All opinions are honest and of the minds of the staff.



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