Jun 222012

Now if that title isn’t a mouthful I don’t know what is. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance finally released a demo on the Nintendo shop for the 3DS is it looking good so far?

For those who are unfamiliar with the Kingdom Hearts franchise, you’ll probably want to start from the beginning since the story is convoluted by this point. I’ve played every single game and it’s actually a favorite franchise of mine. Jumping in I knew what to expect and sort of knew where I would be and why.

You start in Traverse Town with a different sounding Sora, he’s wearing his familiar clothes from Kingdom Hearts, and he acknowledges this. He screams out for Riku and then someone else responds. Holy crap it’s Neku Sakuraba from the DS title The World Ends with You, it’s really good to see a 3D model of him. After speaking a few lines and showing the game that he’s still in (by showing the counter on his hand, again, play that game it is great) you’re on your way to continue your little demo adventure.

You’re joined by–not Donald Duck nor’ Goofy–but by two random monster things, not sure why but the trio never co-existed on a portable console before so maybe this is a sign it might happen. You can link your attacks with the monster-allies which brings up a sort of mini-game. It’s long an unnecessary but if done right can kill everything on the screen.

Graphically the game looks fabulous, bright and colorful cartoons with no HD needed but looks great, I’m still convinced Birth by Sleep looks better but the 3D gimmick is a nice touch, although it also doesn’t really add anything, there’s no real pop out moments thus far but it does add depth to an already pretty looking game. The music is what you remember with the familiar looped background music of Traverse Town that probably still haunts you to this day.

One huge improvement, I must say is, the gameplay. The one biggest problem I found with the previous DS Kingdom Hearts games was trying to navigate a 3D environment using a D-Pad. Now with the joystick being in place it feels so much better to move, keep the D-Pad there to select magic and items like it used to be. Having two joysticks would be better but I guess I can’t be picky. Locking on to enemies are as easy as hitting both back-buttons at the same time and selecting the items are easier than ever. There are a few gimmicky touch-screen moments, such as sling-shooting a barrel at an enemy, doesn’t add much but it’s something I suppose.

The demo is over before you know it but it did get me all psyched up to play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, In fact it is the reason why I have a 3DS. So far so good. So far. So good.



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  1. I’ve loved the Kingdom Hearts series ever since the first one pulled off a strange concept beautifully. Comining Disney fables with Final Fantasy sensibilites and cameos. I scoffed at the idea but loved the final product. Birth By Sleep had combat that kept me immersed for hours and felt fluent, natural. The combat for this demo comes off as stiff and ackward, Sora moves and fights as slowly as he does in the first one which feels like a step back, and the art design, including the Dream Eaters looks atrocious. Which is literally the first time I could ever say that for a Kingdom Hearts game.

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