Jan 312013


Today Nintendo announced that LEGO City Undercover (an exclusive title for the Wii U and a great step in making me purchase a Wii U) will have a limited-edition version which will have the game and an adorable little figure.

If you purchase the Limited-Edition version of LEGO City Undercover you’ll get  a LEGO minifigure of Chase McCain–which is either themain protagonist in the game, or a random civilian. Apparently Chase McCain is the “multi-talented cop whose many skills will be required to save the day”. So yes, I think he’s the protagonist.



LEGO City Undercover will be available in Europe on March 28th, and eventually there will be a prequel version for the Nintendo 3DS coming in late 2013 named LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. (It’s a pun on his name)



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