Jan 242013


Nintendo has revealed today that Luigi’s Mansion 2- releasing in Europe in March 2013- will have not only local multiplayer but also Online Multiplayer


The original Luigi’s Mansion had the green hero look for his shorter-fatter-redder- brother Mario, and it seems that’s the same idea this time around. Having multiplayer as an option is usually a great way to extend the game’s life-spam (assuming you have friend to play with). You can have up to four players on multiplayer.

The new multiplayer is called Hunter Mode, in which every player controls a different colored Luigi and your job is to hunt ghosts before the time reaches zero, you’ll be climbing a tower-or “Scarescraper”-using teamwork to clear out each floor. You can adjust the difficult,y revive your team members, get upgrades and bonuses as well to defeat the boss that will be at the top of each tower.




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