Meet The Nerds


The Paranerds

Kevin Sousa

One of the biggest nerds out there. He’s a fan of all things “nerd”related. Plays an unhealthy amount of video games and watches an unreasonable amount of movies.  A lover of all things Disney and very into any retro games, he does the occasional comic book too. He’s the owner of and Host of the ParaNerds Podcast.

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Rui “Rooster” Sousa

The podcast co-host Rooster. I like long walks on the beach…not really. Have been playing games for almost all my life, many of them were great and some not so much. We are all here to express our nerdiness of life, well at least I try. Writes Rooster’s POV and in charge of Pic of the Week. Also the Co-Host of the ParaNerds Podcast.  You can reach him at

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The Team

Gareth Evans

I have been playing video games since I was five. My first console was the SNES and my first game for it was Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario World. I generally enjoy RPG’s, though when it comes to gameplay I prefer them to be completely real time or completely turn based. Outside of video games I enjoy comics (I’m a big Batman fan) books and movies.

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A long time fan of all things nerd related, i’ve spent most of my life either going through video games or watching the best of the worst of science fiction and fantasy films.Video game wise I’ve been playing various things since the time of the N64 and have gone through everything from Daikatana to Dwarf Fortress since then. I’m also a fan of all things Warhammer and Hellboy.

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Serge Leshchuk

 First game ever played?

Doom 2. Dad used to work for a software company and I was the first person to have a computer out of my group of friends. I was like 6 at the time so I never played the areas I didn’t already know. I’d always watch other people play the levels first before beating them on my own. Eventually moved on to Mortal Kombat 2 and Earthworm Jim. Up until I got the NES and Sega system. Then, then the world changed.

Gaming through life….

I’ve always enjoyed playing video games after that, from the old days of the arcade with Tekken and Mortal Kombat, to the impossibly grueling experience of Battletoads. I’ve always enjoyed movies with strong stories, and gaming seemed like a natural extension of that. I was always excited by the possibility of playing out through those stories. Games got better, stories got more involving, and characters got more compelling. 

Influences in gaming…

To be honest, I once considered becoming a designer or a programmer, but for a variety of reasons (mostly laziness, but I won’t ever admit it again) settled for a slightly different direction. Even so, I still constantly consider getting back into some sort of technical relationship with games. For these and other reason I see not only developers but also game reporters as big influences in the gaming industry: Jeff Gerstmann, Ryan Davis (well most of GiantBomb for that matter), Tim Schafer, Ken Levine, Sam and Dan Houser, Goichi Suda, Ed Boon, Gabe Newell.

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