Apr 302014

NES REMIX 2 Paranerds LOGO

After Nintendo surprised everyone by announcing and releasing NES Remix (on the same day!), NES Remix 2 has been released just a few months later. Does it learn from its mistakes from the first game or is just another remix?

NES REMIX 2 Paranerds SMB3 FROGAlways Adorable

Clearly we are fans of retro titles here, and actually, retro titles seem to be making a big comeback. Nintendo’s Wii U eShop is picking things up with its online offers of old NES games, and with a catalogue of great titles that Nintendo offers, it’s no wonder that they can keep pushing these Remix games out. Here we have NES Remix 2.

One of the biggest problems with the original NES Remix were the titles that it offered, I’ve never been a fan of Urban Champion, ugh…Balloon Fight, Golf or Clu Clu Land, and the games I was a fan of really aren’t as timeless as I though like Ice Climber and Wrecking Crew. This time around the games offered are a lot stronger: Dr.Mario, Kirby’s Adventure, Punch-Out!!, Super Mario Bros. 2, 3, Lost Levels and Metroid (and more) are all very strong titles. Then you have Wario’s Woods. How are these games selected? I’m not too sure; you don’t really need two similar puzzle games like Dr.Mario and Wario’s Woods. But I digress.

NES REMIX 2 Paranerds BNW DRMARIO…By Matching the Colours!

NES Remix 2 has you play the titles mentioned above with short little challenges. Anything from collecting a super-mushroom in Super Mario Bros. to defeating a boss in Kid Icarus. It’s no longer as annoying as the first time around as it doesn’t hold your hand as much. It still does the occasional big circle clearly indicating where to go, but it’s not as blatantly obvious. There are new strange challenges that I could have done without and one that really stood out: Watch the demo. Now I know this sounds stupid but that’s because it is. Watch the demo consists of you having to watch the demo. This sounds easy but when you fail at an event and have to start over from the start you’ll have to watch the whole demo again. You can’t skip it. I get that’s it a way to teach new players how to suck up and enemy in Kirby or how to play Wario’s Woods, but this should be optional not a necessity. Even after watching Wario’s Woods’ demo I still had no idea what I was doing in that game.

As you complete the challenges you’ll unlock new games to complete along with new Remix levels. You’ll also be awarded Bit Points that unlocks stamps for the MiiVerse that you can create your own silly adventures, I wish we were able to mirror a stamp to tell a better story but if Mario has to fly right then there will be multiple version of him flying right. The games are all graded with the star systems again (one for bad three for great and rainbow for super-awesome).

NES REMIX 2 Paranerds KirbyMind Blown!

Even though it is fun to have a new challenge in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link or Super Mario Bros. 2, the real highlights of the game are the Remix levels. These are the real challenges and is where the word Remix in NES Remix kicks in. The sprites all look the same but have depth to them (Again a little shadow that looks like early South Park animation) but this time some of the backgrounds have been played around with. The Challenges are no longer just filter effects (although there are some repeats). NES Remix 2 also mixes around with characters from the games a lot more now.


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