Jul 042013

i_39320New Super Luigi U is now available as a digital download for New Super Mario Bros. U, this time you play as the green shadow of Mario in his own adventure. Is it worth a second adventure or is Nintendo just squeezing this pig?


Luigi U starts off the exact same way as New Super Mario Bros. U, with the princess being kidnapped and it’s up to you to save her. Mario is nowhere to be found except for his hat which at first made me think I just wasted my money. Thus the adventure begins. There are 80+ levels, and although the map is exactly the same, the levels are completely different. Really…they are.

Think of Luigi U as the “hard” mode of the series. You only have 100 seconds to complete a level with zero checkpoints in them. Collecting the star coins adds an extra challenge as if you miss one throughout the level, chances are you won’t have enough time to go back and get them. There not as well hidden as they used to be but where they are proves to be a challenge, sometimes they’ll be hovering over a piranha plant, sometimes they’ll be in the complete opposite of where you’re running. Wherever they are you’ll have to want to get them.


Because Luigi also controls differently than Mario it adds an extra challenge. Luigi is sloppier when he runs and jumps. His flutter-jump makes a return which will save you plenty of times and some old power-ups make a return; like the penguin suit and the propeller hat. It’s amazing how different Luigi plays than his counterpart and although the flutter jump is nice, the slippery controls will make you want to slap the fella.

If for whatever reason you find the levels too difficult you can always control Nabbit (the rabbit that steals things in Mario’s game). The real downside is that he is invincible; he will still die when he falls but enemies and spikes don’t have an impact on him. So if you’re playing with 4 players, then one is invincible. This is a sad thing too add as it takes away the challenge. I get that the game might be too hard for some but…come on…it’s a Mario game you can do it.


Other than that New Super Luigi U looks fantastic and the music is of course still great. The bosses don’t change at all, and if they did, it wasn’t drastically enough to notice. It’s a fantastic purchase for those who need their fix. It’s harder and more stressful but never frustrating. I’ve actually had to use continues multiple times and also go to the Toad houses for some extra 1-ups and power-ups, which I never had to do before. The star coins makes things extra challenging and the lack of checkpoints combined with a limited amount of time makes it feel like a forced speeding which is very welcoming.

You can pick it up now on Nintendo’s Shop for $19.99 or wait for the physical copy which is out on August 25 2013 and won’t require the New Super Mario Bros. U disc for $29.99. The only real benefit is you get a snazzy green box. Either way you decide to go just make sure you buy it. It’s a lot of fun.



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