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Every once in a while a big company has to stop and admit that they were either wrong, or admit defeat. Sega admitted defeat and Microsoft admitted they were wrong. Now Nintendo had to open their eyes and admit the gamers were right…yet again.

We have made a couple of lists in the past going from how to save the Wii U and what were they thinking and somehow it seems that they listened. Not to us obviously nobody listens to us, but to you. Remember that whole thing about voting with your wallets? Well guess what? They heard you and are sorry.

This isn’t to say I’m laughing and pointing at Nintendo like a kid fell in mud, but rather I’m nodding my head towards them as if saying “told you not to run in the rain”. To which Nintendo looked up and with teary-eyes said “I’m sowwy”. But probably not as creepy. It takes a lot for a company to stop doing what they’re doing and stop telling us what we want but rather just listen to what we are willing to accept.


Nintendo went from having Friend codes; a five-hundred and twenty-two digit friend code for EACH FREAKING GAME. So on the Wii, you and your buddy will be all like “hey man add me to your Wii” to which your fat friend would reply with “OK! Here’s my friend code 3940-1394-1394-1204-1234-etc…” twenty minutes later you would reply back with “ OK! Here’s my friend code too 6759-3475-etc…” you get the point. But, you had to do that to every game you played online with friends. So yeah, gamers weren’t happy. With the release of the 3DS…erm…it was the same. But finally Nintendo combined not only the separate account balances but also the Nintendo IDS to be shared! YAY! They discovered 2006!

And I don’t mean that in a mean way, it just means that it takes a very long time for these ideas to get into their heads. Are they stubborn? Perhaps. But It’s because they have a vision, the problem is that the vision may get as foggy as this metaphor. They have to listen to what the gamers are saying. All this time we’ve been saying “HEY THE WII U IS A STUPID NAME! PEOPLE WILL CONFUSE THIS WITH THE ORIGINAL WII AND THINK THE GAMEPAD IS AN ACCESSORY!!” To which Nintendo replied with “Wii U!” Clearly falling on deaf ears. Now they too have seen that, maybe, just maybe the Wii U was a bad name. Let me clear this, I don’t by any means thing the Wii U is a bad system, just a bad name. I blame marketing and perhaps even a little bit of Jesus.

jesus“My bad”

Nintendo’s marketing is where the problem lies (that and no games but that is changing). I’ve barely seen a Wii U commercial on TV and when I do, they’re a generic-happy-white-family laughing like idiots at New Super Mario Bros. The problem with this commercial is that they’re white playing a game that, to the general public looks like the same game on the Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U looks like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. On top of that they don’t mention the console, but instead show these whitey’s playing this game with a WII REMOTE, and only who’s one person playing the GamePad. Hmm. I wonder why people got confused by that.


It’s about time they see that they have to utilize the Wii U GamePad and it’s a brilliant to showcase this by also releasing DS title on the Wii U’s Virtual Console. I’ve seen people ask why the Wii U and not the 3DS…well that’s because the 3DS is backwards compatible with all the DS titles silly. The Wii U will bring people who never or don’t have a DS and allow them to play the titles that they may have otherwise missed. They will utilize the GamePad for playing games. This is what they should have done from the start. Since they have such a huge backlog of games, they have to showcase that the Wii U is capable of playing these titles too. It already has a heads up on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which of the time of writing this, is not backwards compatible.

I already said how I never want to see Nintendo go under, but I am glad that they’re listening and acknowledging their errors. The Wii U name, the horrendous marketing, the fact that even third-parties are like “nah, we’re good”. I’m happy that Nintendo is going to advertise their games on smartphones, come on, a freaking MiiVerse app is good and allow us to purchase games on our phone to have at home. You gamers did well of not buying a Wii U, it caused a price-cut…so let’s cool down with the non-buying-Wii U, it’s making me nervous.



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