Nov 262012

On Tuesday 20/11/12 I had the pleasure of attending the UK launch party of Paper Mario: StickerStar for the 3DS.

The party took place in a diner that had been dressed up to match the theme of the evening and all the games in the Paper Mario Series from the original to Sticker Star were on display. Food was available and there were prizes to be won.

What was really impressive about the evening was how thoroughly the organisers embraced the theme of the game that they were promoting. As the name suggests stickers are very important in Paper Mario Sticker Star and they played a big part in how the experience of the party worked.


At the door guests were provided with a sticker guide that explained how the various stickers worked. They were also given two green stickers and a red sticker. Extra green stickers were placed around the venue so that guests with a good eye were rewarded with extra gifts and playing the games on show rewarded guests with a brown sticker.

The brown hammer stickers led to what was, in my opinion, the highlight of the evening. From 7PM onwards guests with a hammer sticker were encouraged to look for a hidden entrance in order to get the chance to win prizes.

The hidden entrance wasn’t too hard to spot but it was hidden enough that finding it was fun, it turned out that the innocent looking fridge was actually a door (as hinted by the hammer above it).

Once guests reached the hidden room they found two hosts dressed as Mario inviting them to join in a fake game show called “Mario and Mario”. Players competed in teams and if they won they got to pick a prize (my team won). They did this every ten minutes or so and each time they chose different games for the contestants and previous contestants could stay behind to act as a live studio audience.

This is something that could have failed but it was made a success by the enthusiasm of the hosts, they truly committed to the parts that they were playing and as such it was a lot of fun.

The evening was a success, it was a true celebration of the series and the little touches made by the hosts ensured that it was a memorable evening.


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