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There’s a new petition over at to have a Legend of Zelda character NPC named after Robin Williams  so that “Williams can live on forever in a universe he always loved.”

I personally think it’s a nice homage, after all we all know that Robin Williams named his daughter after Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series, and apparently he was an avid gamer. I’m thinking this will be a cute way to honour Robin Williams but I don’t think this petition will do anything as Nintendo has no reason to do this, and if anything, if nothing happens people will be upset because that’s the way the internet runs.

Robin was an avid player of video games, with a love for all things Nintendo, and a particular love of all things Legend of Zelda. It is well-known that he named his daughter after the series’ titular princess. Nintendo of America itself only recently hired him and his daughter to promote the franchise in a series of ads.

So, in a day where there aren’t many words, what can we do? Well, there’s a new Zelda game on the horizon. A bold reinvention, a fresh new open world adventure for Wii U. I would like to suggest that when the game is localised to English, Nintendo of America and the Treehouse name one of the characters “Robin” in his memory.

He won’t get to play it, but he’ll live on forever in a universe he always loved.

Personally I’m saddened by the loss of Robin Williams. Last time I felt this bummed about a celebrity is when Harold Ramis passed away. The more I think about the films I like the more I realize that Robin Williams was in them. This of course includes, Jumanji, Flubber, Nine Months, Aladdin and of course Popeye (and many more).

I’ve never seen a celebrity pass away that touched many people’s hearts like Robin Williams did. I think this is a great way to honour the man who entertained us endless times.

You can sign the petition HERE


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