Jul 262012

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: The two go back in time and re-visit their older podcasts while trying to get back to Podcast 100, in doing so they get lost in the future and must return to Podcast 100 to stop themselves from doing it. They also speak about Minecraft, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Fallout: New Vegas along with reading fan mail from listeners, and look over NEWS (See below) and see what games are coming out with new releases. They also announce the winner of the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance giveaway and Kevin interviews AJ LoCascio; the voice of Marty McFly of the Back to the Future Game and give a special thank you to all their listeners and contributors.

You can hear it HERE


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Check out AJ LoCascio in Thirty Flights of Loving and The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P. Also if you grew up in the  90’s watch and share the following new show: Yesterday: Tonight with AJ LoCascio and Lisa Foiles.


 SCEE Shutting Down Old PSP Servers
More Trophy Details for Metal Gear Solid 4
Walking Dead Coming to iOS
Nintendo Finally Not Losing Money on 3DS
PS Vita’s Are Burning
MineCraft Sells 3 Million
Nintendo Release Shedule


XBLA Deal of the Week
PS Store Update



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  1. […] The Paranerds Podcast conducted a great interview with AJ LoCascio, the voice actor who did Marty McFly in the game in their 100th episode. […]

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