Jun 242011

This week the ParaNerds speak about Final Fantasy VIII, Silent Hill Origins, Portal 2, Meganoid (iOS) and new releases. They also do News (see below) and Kevin reviews  Dungeon Siege 3 for the Xbox 360 and after 12 years  Chinese Democracy Duke Nukem Forever is finally out and Rooster gives his opinion on it, they also read two fan mail.

You can hear it HERE



Mail: Kevin and/or Rooster


PS3 Software update
Battlefield 3 to have something awesome in 360
Battlefield 3 will not be 1080P
Gamestop forces Customer to buy Used
Why Tim Drake?
Gearbox appreciates pre-order after 10 years
PS4 and Xbox “720” 10X more powerful
Sonic the Hedgehog Unused
Square-Enix to revive titles

Portal 2 Volume Free Soundtrack!

Gamersgate.com Offers

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days $9.98
Dead Space 2 $29.95



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