Aug 242011

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast the nerds (joined faintly with Brown Bear) speak about Bulletstorm, Borderlands, Age of Empires Online, and Super Meat Boy along with new releases, the earthquake and News (see below). They also speak about the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes and review two games: Julius Styles The International for the iOS and OMG-Z for the PS3/PSP.

You can also hear Kevin on the 4LOG Podcast as a guest!

You can hear it HERE



Mail: Kevin and/or Rooster


Battlefield 3 Multiple Discs?
Jurassic Park Game Comes out Nov.15
PlayStation Store Deals
Xbox 360 Deals
 Choplifter HD
Robin Alternate Costumes
Duke Nukem Reboot?
Xbox Live update Offer
SummerSale Week # 4

Raptr Promotion!

$25.000 + Prizes (Instruction here)


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