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Every game has its villain like every rose has its thorn. Undeniably the two biggest horror games are Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Both games offer jumps and scares but they also offer something else. Freaky-ass antagonists. We already looked at Chuck Green Vs Frank West, Seth Vs. Shao Kahn now it’s these two.
Resident Evil had Nemesis and Silent Hill had Pyramid Head. Which is scarier? Who will win? I’ll be judging on their looks, Reason to Be There,first-impressionsWeapons and Indestructibility.


Nemesis first appeared on Resident Evil 3:Nemesis. He’s a giant, scar-tissue covered Tyrant. He is man-made and he is big. He’s also pretty much indestructible and has the body of a wrestler. His face is all stitched up and his feet might as well be replaced with tanks. Zombies and dogs are more brutal looking but if you see Nemesis you’ll know what to do (Run).

Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head, or Red Pyramid, whatever you want to call it, marks its appearance on Silent Hill 2. He’s tall, slim and walks around very slowly. The one thing that makes Pyramid Head stand out is…well…the pyramid head. Unable to see who’s in front of him and having to take his time, pyramid Head will haunt your dreams but not you.

Winner: Nemesis

This was hard but when it comes down to it. Having Nemesis chase you with his looks while pyramid head walks the opposite direction, Nemesis has to win.

 Reason to Be There


Like mentioned earlier Nemesis is a man-made project as he’s there for one reason and one reason only. To kill STARS. That’s all he says. Stars to him are what cookies are to the cookie monster, it’s kind of quite adorable. He’ll chase down STARS members until they are all destroyed since that is main focus.

Pyramid Head

Ever feel useless? Depressed? Alone? Guilty? Good! That’s what pyramid head represents. He’s your guilt, your punishment, your executioner…if you will. Imagine for every time you put in the Contra code you’d have to deal with this thing. Yeah, feel guilty don’t you? Bet you’ll never do that again.

Winner: Pyramid Head

As big and scary Nemesis is, unless you’re a STARS member you really have nothing to worry about. Even in the movie he stops shooting at a civilian. Pyramid Head however will remind you of that time when you ripped wings off a fly and torture you for it! For everything bad you did in your life he’ll represent it in some way. Long guilt is even worse then death sometimes.

 First Impression


When you first see nemesis it is in a reflection of a dead cops helmet. That’s scary right? The suspense of what the hell is that thing? The worried feeling you get when you see a barely noticeable monster in a reflection… Or at least it would be if the frikkin game wasn’t called Nemesis and had him dancing on the cover!

Pyramid Head

When you first see Pyramid Head it is at the long end of a dark hallway. Just lights up for a second and disappears making you thing, “what the hell was that?” Then the next time you see it up close it is raping two disturbing mannequins. Yeah… Pyramid Head is subtle about the whole situation…he’s not dancing on the cover nor is he the main focus, he’s just an extra creepy element in the background of an already creepy experience.

Winner-Pyramid Head

Nemesis would have won if he wasn’t so happy to make his appearance. It’s like knowing about your surprise birthday party and having to pretend to be impressed. Pyramid head however isn’t even featured on the cover, there are hints scattered throughout the game but when you see him you’re scared.


Nemesis-Rocket Launcher

Nemesis is man-made. He has a reason to be there. Pretty much to kill. Not only is this behemoth a behemoth but he also has a giant Rocket Launcher that too is a behemoth. A Rocket launcher people! You’re giving a zombie-type-thing a rocket launcher! This will disintegrate anything nearby! Even if he trips he might accidentally take out half a city block. He’s already big he doesn’t need more destruction.

Pyramid Head- Sword

Pyramid head carries a long useless sword. Sure it’s terrifying to hear it drag from a far and sure it’s massive but it does (might) represent a giant useless penis. Metaphorically speaking that is. It’ll take a couple of useless swipes to kill you that’s if it actually gets you, seeing how it’s pretty easy to dodge.

Winner: Nemesis

Although a sword would hurt you more than a rocket launcher, since well, you’ll be dead already by a rocket launcher. You can easily dodge the sword. Nemesis takes this one



He’s big, fast and will probably eat your brains. Well how do you kill him? Keep shooting at him until he’s down (for now). He’ll keep coming back like Jason Voorhees though so you have to continually watch your back. Once he mutates into an even bigger version of himself you must continue shooting him until he goes down.  This takes a long time. When you see him in earlier levels hell chase you down and surprise you through windows. When you fight him for the last time you’re pretty much ready to disintegrate him.

Pyramid Head

Your first encounter with Pyramid Head is in a small room. You barely have any room to navigate while he swings his big heavy sword. Every bullet bounces of him until he gets bored and decides to drown himself. Seriously, you’re not worth his time.Your last encounter is with two pyramid heads that both get bored and decide to off themselves. That’s right you can’t kill him he can kill himself.

Winner- Pyramid Head

Although Nemesis is a beast; he is able to be brought down by a regular human. Sure he doesn’t “technically” die as all your encounters means he will be back. But the last battle YOU kill him.Pyramid Head however gets bored and offs himself. You don’t kill him. The only way to kill this thing is for this thing to kill itself, you literally have to either annoy it so much or make it so bored that it walks away, doesn’t bother, or kill himself (themselves??). Now that’s depressing.

Final Verdict

So all in all the best monster is:

Nemesis- 2

Pyramid Head- 3

Pyramid Head

Sure he doesn’t have the looks or the tools but he is the scariest monster when it comes to its reason for being in the situation, first appearance and indestructibility. He’s quiet but always around the corner whereas nemesis shines the spotlight on himself and forces you to focus. Sometimes being the quiet one  makes you the loudest and that’s the case with Pyramid Head.

Who is the winner for you? Do you like Nemesis or Pyramid Head? Agree or Disagree? Leave a comment below!

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  1. let me tell you why that is bullshit about pyramid head vs nemesis, pyramid head is only slow when he doesn’t want to kill you, he is fast, extremely deadly, can replicate multiple times and if he headbutts you, you die instantly plus the fact he can’t die unless you kill james

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