Feb 182013


Long time no see my dear readers (if I have any dear readers, otherwise, who cares). I was sitting in my room bored out of my head I realized that I haven’t really written anything since my DmC review. I’ve actually been more focused on my sports website than this, and then I realized – this sucks. For the most part, between school and everything I don’t have much time to write. Even more so I haven’t been writing about games unless it’s review time. Even though I complain loudly about games almost every day. So, this weekly little thing journalists usually call columns should be my outlet for all things gaming. Short (no more than 2 paragraphs per topic), sweet and just raw angry!



 I want to get something out of the way first. It sucks that the next Grand Theft Auto got delayed, but it’s not the end of the world. Spring is quickly becoming the sister of fall when it comes to an overwhelming flood of AAA releases. Knowing Rockstar, the only reason the title has been pushed back is because they want to work out every single thing they can and make sure its as close to perfect as possible. So stop complaining you ungrateful people and thank the developers form ore time you’ll get to spend with Bioshock, Tomb Raider and Last of Us.

Oh, and one more thing quickly, no, it doesn’t mean that the game has been pushed back for next gen. While I believe that there may be a next gen version i is not quite like rockstar to play their hand before the major console companies even announce everything. Although, I’m sure GTA VI and RDR 2 may already be in the brewing.

Destiny reveal


Didn’t really take Bungie long to come to light with their new project. What’s even more impressive is that they have their whole company working on this. What’s less impressive is how I feel about the whole damn thing.

I despise pointless reveals that show you very little of the gameplay and remain as vague as possible. It’s fine to show off the title and a few things to announce your game, but slowly trudging out NOTHING should be criminal. Interviewing developers in house is the most tired thing in PR to begin with, of course developers are going to feel good about their product, or at least say they do if they value their job. I bet you the team behind Colonial Marines was really proud of theirs too.

It’s nice to know the backstory, and about the whole “10 year gaming experience,” don’t get me wrong. It’s very encouraging to see a company like Bungie trying to break new ground yet again, but unless you’re going to back up some of your facts with gameplay examples I struggle to see what the hell you’re talking about.



I’m not sure how you mess up an Alien licence for a horror game. Half the job is already done for you. Watch the films, sense the feeling of isolation, being trapped and helplessness and transfer that into a game. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT easy, but if Condemned can do it with an original licence seven years ago, I refuse to believe Colonial Marines couldn’t do it now.

The worst part about it was apparently the deception about what the final product was or was supposed to be. The long development cycle. The constant switching of teams. But the biggest offense of all was tearing the most beloved and celebrated franchise open spitting down it’s throat. That, is unforgivable.


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