Sep 292011

Played on: iPhone 3GS
Developer: Jump Games Pvt.Ltd.

Real Steel is an upcoming movie starring Hugh Jackman that involves giant robots beating the crap out of each other. As ridiculous as a premise this is I’m looking forward to it. Before that’s out Reel Steel the Game is available only for iOS devices, is this the real deal?
First thing you may notice while starting the game is the  introduction. The opening sequence of Real Steel  is very impressive; it takes advantage of the graphical capabilities that the iOS offers, Robots body shine, they animate well, and the  cinematic angles looked great. I was instantly blown away with it, and then the game started.


You have a couple of different modes which include Free Sparring, Practice and the main game, Tournament. In Tournament you control Blue Bot and must fight against a series of other robots resulting in minor upgrades for every gear you smash to pieces. Sadly these aren’t visual updates but rather attributes such as armour, speed and power.  It’s an engaging battle that ups the difficulty with every new robot you face and they’re somewhat different even if the battles feel a little redundant. Then again it is a fighter so you should expect that difficulty to increase with every new robot you face. Surprisingly the robots all have a distinctive personality  that you can feel even if they don’t say a single word.

Visually Real Steel doesn’t look too bad. Like mentioned earlier the opening scene looks great but the in-game graphics are hit and miss. The robots don’t shine like the opening sequence suggests although they animate very well. The impacts don’t feel as though these are 2000 pound robots but feel as if it’s two 10 year-old boys swinging, it feel strangely feathery, there’s no bounce in their attacks but usually a swing and a miss. The animation of the crowd is stiff, literally, no one is moving. The arenas are well varied from a parking lot to a zoo and keep the levels being somewhat different even if you won’t really be paying attention. Still the animation is great.

This is For X-Men Origins!

The controls are sadly the worse part of the game. You have a full D-pad along with a “left” and “right” hook, a block button and a “Sp” button. Pressing the buttons feel lacking in which it doesn’t matter how fast you feel that you pressed the buttons your robot seems to swing at the same rate. Figuring out combos is confusing as well since you can’t really tell if the command you input actually went through or not. The block functions well Bearnaise you’ll be holding it a lot of the time and there is an option to auto-block for you.

Inputting any command has this sort of strange delay feel to it. I’m not exactly sure what it is but it feels like the commands that you’ll be pressing doesn’t hit right away. For a fighting game this is essential that the controls  be spot on. Maybe with an update in the future it will be better but for now it feels a little stiff and a little unresponsive. Some matches I’ve lost due to the inputs when I swore I hit the right commands. Mind you there is a bar underneath the health bar that acts as sort of your “energy” if that depletes your Robot won’t be able to do as many commands as you would like, that’s understandable and adds a little bit of a dynamic feature but when that’s at full strength and my robot is still standing around, it can be a little frustrating.

There Goes My Arm

Real Steel is a pretty tough game but this is mostly due to the controls. Some robots will literally rip your arm off then knock your head off while others will use the same combo attack one after another. Once you complete the game you’ll be able to unlock more robots, so there is a reason to keep coming back. OpenFeint and GameCenter are also integrated so you can hunt those achievements as well.

Real Steel is pretty much a live-action Rock’em Sock’em Robot movie and everyone thought the same thing when the trailer of the movie hit. The game would be an excellent way to cash in about a movie that involves bigger than life robots beating the crap out of each other, and it does. The game looks and sounds great but with an unresponsive feeling controller scheme it affects the outcome of any match. It’s still not the worse movie-tie in and for what it is its pretty good. I mean robots fighting? That’s pretty awesome. It’s not the best fighter out there but it’s not bad. The real only downside to Real Steel is the controller it just needs to be more responsive, other wise not a bad movie tie-in.

I’m The Best…Around!



Great Animation
Varied Amount of Robots
Looks Good


Unresponsive Controllers
Feathery Attacks
Sounds Loops Too Often





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