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Spider-Man is a very famous individual, I mean, a man who shoots webs is something to notice he has had numerous games; there is one that stands out from the rest, and is usually considered the best Spider-Man game according to my hard-core research.  Spider-Man was available for the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 and it came out in 2000. In 2000. Keep that in mind. This is considered the best Spider-Man game. We here decided to go back and play Spider-Man for the PlayStation and we want to see if Spider-Man truly is the best Spider-Man game and is it as good as we remember. This is our first (written) Retro Relapse.

Recently playing Spider-Man I realized one thing…the story line is actually pretty good. Surprisingly interesting actually. It starts off with Peter Parker attending a science demonstration by Doctor Otto Octavius; only to realize that Spider-Man steals Doctor Octavius’ experiment. Now this may surprise you but Peter Parker is Spider-Man so to have him on stage and in the audience means that this Spider-Man is an impostor. Peter runs into Eddy Brock in the audience (which automatically gives the game 2 points because of Venom) and now the authorities are after Spider-Man thinking he’s the one who stole the experiment. This is a pretty good idea to have a storyline like this because it gives Spidey a reason to be running from the law and trying to clear his name while baddies and good guys try to stop him. Also it gives him a motive of finding out who is the impostor. Considering this is not based on a movie or a comic this is pretty good.

Since there are so many Spider-Man games out there many people call this one Spider-Man 2000 because of the year it was released, the thing you can instantly tell is that this game was released in 2000. In that era of 3D games still being made, many publishers weren’t really sure how to go all the way with 3D games and it is very noticeable now. Back in the day I thought these were the best graphics but playing it now…it hurts my soul. I mean the models are pretty decent; you can easily distinguish Spider-Man from say, Venom. The animation is pretty good for the fighting, and sure the cutscenes are supposed to show the full capable graphics being pre rendered, but the faces are horrible.


It was very common back in the 2000 era to have video games with fugly faces to not have lip synching, Metal Gear Solid, Goldeneye 007, Mission Impossible are all proof of this. Playing these games now is a joke. I get that having the characters lip sync with the voices was probably very difficult at the time but now we have gotten spoiled by it and it just looks awkward watching the fugly, different shaded face just bob up and down as a voice is over it, signifying that they’re the ones speaking. This being developed by NeverSoft, the same people who brought us Tony Hawk Pro Skater are at least good at body movements so the animations are pretty damn good, including the web swinging-even if the hands are stuck in a blocky fist like structure.


Speaking of voices synching with lips, the voice acting in Spider-Man is very well done. There are no awkward slices of “Hey! Spider-Man!” Loading-loading-loading-“Hi”. It actually sounds like a real conversation. All the character voices match the characters that play them or are supposed to represent. The music I have a little bit of a problem with because you can actually tell when the song stops and loops over again, the problem is that it’s not a 30 second song it’s about 3 seconds and just loops over and over again. It’s very hard to hear it over and over again because it sounds like a band starting to play, but they play the first 3 seconds and play it again. The sound effects are hit or miss, some sounds are realistic and some are reused over and over again, e.g. glass breaking or voices being used for the same situation.

Listen at the 2:10 mark when the phrase “my toe” is used twice within seconds.


OK fine so everything is alright thus far but how is the gameplay, I mean we all know graphics doesn’t make a game.

The game play is… actually pretty damn fun. It’s not free roam, but you are (the majority of the time) jumping/swinging from building to building. The action is always well paced and varied. In one point you’re just beating up baddies and the next you’re in a stealth mission webbing bad guys before they kill the hostages. It’s actually quite funny; that is the dialogue. It does have its frustrating points due to the camera. Just like in modern Spider-Man games, climbing up a building is a chore since the camera zooms in and out trying to focus on Spidey.

So all in all is this game as good as you remember? Yes. Sure the graphics are pretty horrific by today’s standards but the game is still a blast to play through…twice. Especially due to the “what if” section. Also the amount of different Spider-Man outfits and the great voice acting makes this game a must play.






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  1. I think that Spiderman games have got some bad press in the past. Even looking back to the SNES and Megadrive versions of the game, they were still very very good. I can only remember this on the PS1 and it was a very good game. Setting the scene for the movie cross over which was just fantastic, especially on the gamecube!

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