Aug 222011

Oh my god! It was earth all along! There, I just spoiled the original Planet of the Apes. Now that you’re all caught up will the Rise of the Planet of the Apes be as good?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is the story about a scientist named Will Rodman (James Franco) trying to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s for his father Charles (John Lithgow). In doing so he tests his new cure on apes to see if the cure can repair the brain. Without going to much into the plot let’s just say he adopts a new pet/son in which he names Caesar and crud hits the fan.The trailers for the movie make this movie look like it’s action-packed and that is strangely not the case. Sure the movie has its awesome moments but it’s actually well paced with a lot of conversation. The story goes on at a real good pace making you feel for the characters. Especially Caesar.

The movie does start off a little slow but eventually you’ll find yourself wonder what’s going to happen next. The bond between Caesar and Will seems authentic enough to make you actually give a damn to what happens. The way the characters develop is perfectly paced. Even if some character seem a little over the top, (I’m referring to someone who happens to quote a scene from Planet of the Apes). There are some characters that felt a little out of place, Will meets his girlfriend Caroline (Freida Pinto) but she wasn’t really a strong point in the plot and really was only there for moral support rather than there for plot.

The CGI in this movie is pretty good too. I couldn’t tell which apes were real or which were fake. Or if they were even there at all, that means it worked. The expressions of the apes will break your heart just because they’re adorable and because you can tell that these animals have actual emotion and feelings. The way that Caesar moves and expresses himself is all because of the great job that only Andy Serkis can accomplish.

There are a few subtle hints and references for Planet of the Apes and it’s a nice lead to a possible sequel. Only those who care to notice will notice, it might fly over the head of a few and that’s fine. There is something quite rewarding to see the way the Planet of the Apes start, you’re happy to see these apes take over because they are treated cruelly; not only that but because it’s a story about the underdog rising. Those are always great.

For a movie I had zero-interest in from the start I wanted to watch it. Maybe it was the idea of how Planet of the Apes started, maybe it’s because the trailer looked great. Maybe it’s because everything I know about Planets of the Apes comes from that Simpsons episode. But watching it I can say that this is the best movie I’ve seen thus far this year. It’s not filled with explosions and it’s not your typical block buster film. Its emotional, thrilling and a great flick that you must watch. Even if you hate apes.



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  1. An excellent summary — I loved this film, personally, and find myself constantly recommending it to people, especially those who insist they normally wouldn’t be interested.

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