Aug 182011

Age of Empires Online Released on the 16th. So, what do I think about it…

Rooster’s POV:

WOW, that’s all I can say…

See you next week.

Kidding, on a serious note WOW! A while back I predicted the success for the game and pumped people up for it…Well it’s here and the game itself was what I anticipated. It all started with me trying to choose a side to play on, 2 hours later I decided to go with the Egyptians, the Greeks are too predictable. After that I had to name my city, 2 hours later I got one.

Now the game starts and there I am looking at my city, oh it’s so beautiful. The game graphics are not too bad for a game, none the less for a FREE game. Sure I was intimidated at first since the last time I played AOE was like 10 years ago, so there was a bit of refreshing needed to be done, but in no time I got the hang of it.

The game plays as a traditional AOE game but one of the awesome things you can do is…play with a friend, that’s right a friend ( I got 1). You can do Co-op quests and to spice it up you can make those quests “Elite” making it harder but the rewards make it worth it….if you survive. The controls were simple and yet the game is so complex, there are tons of upgrades that can be purchased with in game points to give you the advantage, but its ok if you mess up on the points, you can just reset it and rearrange it to your liking. Upgrading units and buildings with in game rewards or items traded with other players/bought makes your city and units unique depending on your build, you can move your buildings around which gives you the creativity to make it YOUR city.

The game sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well it almost is. Im not sure if anyone noticed but the price tag on DLC is a bit pricy even for my standards. your looking at 3800 Microsoft points, Most DLC for the Xbox doesn’t range that high. Now it’s an option to buy it and im sure it offers a lot but most Play for Free games that offer game DLC are really cheap, but not this one. On the plus side the game does connect with your Windows Live ID and you can talk with friends that you have on Xbox and even earn achievements, which is cool. But overall I wouldn’t let the marketplace affect my pleasure in this game.

If you haven’t downloaded the free game yet, I’m not sure what your waiting for. Do it now, I’ll wait… Here I’ll help you.

you done? good see you online,

Hidden Rooster



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