Aug 112011

Does Battlefield 3 fail before the expected release date?

Well let’s find out.Rooster’s POV:

Before flipping shit on me, maybe you should read the whole article and see where my logic comes into play.

As you all may or may not know, on August 26 – 28 the Alpha testing was initiated with BF3… In September, we are expecting a Beta testing… On October 25 is the release date… See something wrong?

Let me tell you whats wrong. We have a game that is supposed to be the downfall of Call of Duty and they just finished their Alpha testing weeks ago. Usually games go through the Alpha phase months before Beta so they can have time to correct any glitches and final touches. One of my concerns is that I hope BF3 is not going to be rushed in the Multiplayer department, like Medal of Honor. In the Past Battlefield was not about campaign story mode, it was all multiplayer and I believe that’s what led to their success. Did they focus too much on story in this game to make it “epic” and have just got to the multiplayer? Will multiplayer seem as good as people say it is? Will we be disappointed?

These are all great questions that I hope have a positive outcome, In my opinion I rather the campaign mode lack in greatness and pass a bit of that greatness over to the multiplayer. Think about it, how many times have you played the story mode of an online game? Now how many times have you played online?

*your answer should be: 2 (if the story was that good you had to relive it) to 999,999 (that’s as far as my counter goes)

BF3 is a game that I have wet dreams for, and I want those dreams to carry on til the release date. But if the game comes out and the multiplayer is shit, it’s as bad as someone telling you that BF3 is really your cousin and those dreams you are having makes you a sick man.


Maybe I got it all wrong, maybe EA has the game down to perfection and the Alpha testing was just to confirm it. Why else would they do Alpha 2 months before release? All in All I hope with all might they aren’t over looking what Battlefield is really all about.

NOW, this is where you guys come into play. Tell me how you feel about EA’s decision for conducting their Alpha testing late in the game, maybe you know something I don’t. Well let it all out, I’m interested to hear what you have to say or what you think is the real shit.


  7 Responses to “Rooster’s POV – BF3 Fails Before Launch?”

  1. Ha fanboy. You probably play call of duty all of the time and just wrote this to bash Battlefield: 3. fuck you call of duty fan boy

  2. BAH! You caught him! O_o

  3. i may be misinformed, but didn’t the alpha trial start at the end of july?

  4. BF3 has dedicated playtesters, as does any development studio, they have tested aspects of this game 1000’s of times by this point. They don’t allow the public to test the game as it’s being developed. We are talking about DICE here, it’s not like this is their first BF game.

    The Alpha was designed to test the server stress levels and aspects of the netcode. Let me tell you, for an alpha release, this game played stunningly well. You’ve never seen a MP game like it, and I promise you, the biggest fail is Rooster’s POV, as he doesn’t know sh$t from my POV.

  5. I got into the Alpha trial. I can honestly say that the game is epic beyond belief. Yes, there was only one map, but it was HUGE, and the different playstyles that you could try means you could almost never play it the same twice. There was a few bits that seemed very ‘alpha quality’ though, but using the report tool that shipped with the alpha got those straight to DICE. Awesome stuff.

  6. Uh, does this guy realize the “Alpha” was just testing their back-end? As in, testing their connection/servers. It was a few days long, does the Author truly believe that was meant to test code? LOL… What a noob

  7. It wasnt to test code as such, but there still was a few glitches and errors that were able to be reported. Think of it as a win-win for them. Test their servers AND clear out glitches.

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