Jan 252012

We’ve already touched upon Sonic Generations for the 360, but there is also a 3DS version. How well does this do compared to the console version?

Not much has changed in the story. You still play as both modern and classic Sonic in stages that will make anyone who grew up with the blue blur tear up a bit. Time has been messed due to a monster names time eater and Dr.Robotnik (Eggman) is up to his old tricks again.

Unlike the console counterpart however Modern Sonic plays just like classic Sonic, in both style and speed. It’s a 2D perspective with a boost button. There are moments when the game will play around with the graphics but it plays more like Sonic Rush than anything else. This definitely isn’t a bad thing since most gamers rather play a 2D Sonic game regardless. It just doesn’t really do a great job at separating the two Sonics. In the console version modern Sonic was a huge difference when compared to the classic Sonic and in the portable they are very similar.

Classic Sonic plays just like he did before although the sense of speed has been disposed of. Yeah he runs fast but he doesn’t feel like he does. Act 1 is played as Classic and Act 2 is played as Modern Sonic.

Graphically however, Sonic Generations looks good. The 3D effect adds a great depth of field to the whole game with layers and layers of detail. Green hill zone has never looked so good. This is definitely a game in which you want to keep the 3D on. There are a couple of pop out moment (namely the killer whale from Sonic Adventure) but it mostly adds in depth of field. This is most noticeable in the special stages.Speaking of which. they are reminiscent to the special stages seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Just avoid the bombs and get the balloons to boost. They are very easy to accomplish and not quite the best ones played thus far. There are also only 3 boss fights and 3 rival challenges. Not including the final boss.

This game is short. Very short. About 2 hours short. But there are extra things that the console does not have and this is what you most likely want to know.

For starters Casino Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) and Mushroom Hill (Sonic and Knuckles) levels are completely brand new and not available on the console version. Both levels look and sound great. You unfortunately cannot customize your tracks nor can you freely walk around and the cutscenes are made in a very bland dialogue filled void.

But, the portable version does offer multiplayer: locally or Wi-Fi, which for some reason the console version does not have. You can challenge anyone online in any level and pretty much race them like you would on the old multiplayer titles on the Genesis. This mode is surprisingly fun and addicting as the more points you earn the more you can customize your profile card. You can customize your profile card to show how long you’ve been a fan of Sonic, favorite character, favorite game, wall paper and when the card flips you can see the rankings you’ve got on the levels.

Getting an “S” ranking also seems to be a lot harder than the console version, and challenging yourself to get all “S” is fun. Not rewarding, because earning all those “S” rankings rewards you with–nothing! Absolutely nothing! So you’ll do it for self-pleasure and that’s it.There are also mission to accomplish that can be earned through the game, through street pass or buying with the coins you earned for walking. These missions can go from best a level in.45 seconds to beat a level without killing any enemies. This will keep the OCD in all of us busy for a long time.

Sonic Generations on the 3DS isn’t bad, it’s definitely not worth $40 but $20it is. You’ll be able to complete the game in one sit through and since multiplayer is relied heavily on online only you won’t have that much fun while on the bus or an area without Wi-Fi. The missions are alright but the game definitely is short. There just isn’t enough to keep the Sonic fan interested unless you want to self-challenge with no rewards. Looks great and plays great but not enough. If you find this for $20 it’s worth every penny. Until then, if possible, rent it.



Great Depth of field effect
Mushroom hill and Casino Zone
Multiplayer Online or locally


Short–2-3 hours main game
Classic and Modern Sonic very similar
no customizing music



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