Nov 142014


This week on the Paranerds Podcast: The Paranerds speak about Simpsorama, Le Fear II: Le Sequel, Siren: Blood Curse, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD, Fall Out: New Vegas, Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS, Aladdin, Super Mario RPG, and Gears of War: Judgment, GTAV, Civilization : Beyond Earth, and A Dark Room along with news (see below), new releases and Deals of the Week (see below). The two then play a live segment and talk about the games they’ve played at the Toronto WordPlay Festival. ***Correction: We mention that Black Friday is today. It is not. We are Canadians and don’t know hot to use a calendar apparently***

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Oct 312014


This week on the Paranerds Podcast, the Paranerds speak about Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame II, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy X HD, Jet Car Stunts, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS  Fall Out: New Vegas, The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer, Dead Space iOS and Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor.  The two also go over news (see below), new releases and Deals of the Week. Kevin and Rooster go over the newest Top Ten with the Top Ten Zombie Massacre Games.

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Oct 042012

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: The Paranerds speak about  Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Fall Out New Vegas, Skyrim, Draw Something, Guild Wars 2 and  Borderlands 2, along with new releases and NEWS (See below). The two also read some fan mail and answer some questions. Kevin and Rooster also go over 30 random gaming questions, and announce the winner for the Resident Evil 6 Giveaway.


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Dec 152010

This week the Paranerds speak about new releases and news, SAW game and Doritos Crash Course (See Below) along with the nominees and winners of the Video Game Awards. They also debate on how and if video games desensitizes youth and does it effect youth violence. Rui also speaks about Free XBLA games and Mass Effect 3.

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Uncharted 3

Sony Tired of Kinect

PS3 more power coming

Kratos in Mortal Kombat

VGA results

Mass Effect 3 Leak

Metal Gear Rising: Release Date

JPN PSN Gets Chrono Cross

No Dreamcast 2

Case West release date and price range

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classicl337 & For The Love of Gaming

Dec 082010

This week the Paranerds have a tribute to the late Leslie Nielsen (well for 5 seconds). They speak about new releases along with News (see below).  Kevin also reviews Splatterhouse for the Xbox 360 while Rooster  gives his input.They also talk  about Fall Out New Vegas and the disgustingly amount of glitches and bugs in today’s games.

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PS3 Firmware update

New Tomb Raider

New Ghostbusters Game

Mortal Kombat Leak

Mark Hamill Joker Death Rumor

Aug 282010
What do Halo 3, WoW, and the browser-based Transformice have in common? They’re all MMOs. Over the years the terms MMO and MMORPG have become synonymous in speech, but they simply do not mean the same thing. It’s almost as if people have forgotten that MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. If you were to mention that you played an MMO to another gamer they may even look down on you because of the stigma that MMORPGs bear in the world offline. Nevertheless, this confusion won’t be around much longer, as more and more games are coming packaged with features that demand interaction between players.

Let’s look at Left 4 Dead 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Both have single-player, split-screen cooperative and online multiplayer modes. However, after digging deeper into these titles you’ll find that they’re really just MMOs that offer the consumer the option to play by themselves, via a campaign mode or giving characters AI rather than letting another person control them. The difference in features between each game’s multiplayer modes and single player alternatives is staggering. MW2’s campaign  even  feels more like a bonus adventure rather than part of the main attraction. L4D2’s “mutations” give players a new multiplayer game variant every week and MW2 will soon be having a third map pack released. In the end you have two games that do nothing to improve their single-player modes while creating a seemingly never-ending stream of content for the online community. These games have both sold well over two million copies. Their developers are doing something right.

It doesn’t just stop there. Even franchises like Final Fantasy, Dynasty Warriors, and LEGO are receiving MMO installments in the upcoming months. If this still seems like a trend to you, check out popular gaming portal IJJI sports a lineup of high quality titles geared towards the hardcore audience, all of which are MMOs. The list spans across the more popular genres of gaming and is updated often. Although the games are free to play, IJJI provides a vast selection of premium content for each of their games that is constantly growing. Since its launch back in 2006 it’s done nothing but thrive and expand.

With sites across the net going in the same direction, and big publishers doing everything they can to provide an engrossing online experience while slowly phasing out the classic single-player aspect of gaming, the  may just become the new standard. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fallout: New Vegas’ successor followed suit.