Sep 242013



Welcome to GTA week, or otherwise known as “forget all of your social obligations and just play GTA V week.” Either way, what a time to be alive. As you may have noticed, we often post our reviews close to a week later than major publications. There is plethora of reasons for that (mainly time though). So, instead, this week I am going to tear myself away from GTA V briefly each day to post a series related article to tickle your fancy (and hopefully only fancy). At the end of each article you will find the preview for what’s to come tomorrow. Which I saying you will get to influence that list.

GTA games are simply massive. The worlds of other open world games would normally drown in the real estate Rockstar works with. Similarly, there is always a lot to do, a lot to see and a hell of a lot of missions to breeze through. All of the missions are also bookended by wonderfully written dialogue and set up. Within the massive world of over 50 missions per game, it is difficult to make one thing stand out, but Rockstar can consistently accomplish that. So without much delay, here are our top 10 most memorable GTA missions:

Obviously… SPOILERS!

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