Oct 062010

This week on Paranerds Podcast the Paranerds speak about new releases along with News (see below). Kevin also goes on rant on Jack Thompson. They speak about the Top Ten Nintendo DS Hidden Gems and review Scott Pilgrim Vs The World the movie. Rui also goes into detail and his thoughts on Medal of Honor BETA.

You may hear it HERE OR:


Halo Cheaters Lose


Jungle Portable

Virtual Console on 3DS

Silent Hill 8 is traditional

Obama in NBA JAM

Jack Thompson tells gamers to “go to hell”

This is just cool

Sep 292010

This week the Paranerds speak about new releases along with news (look below). They also review Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, talk about the hate around Sonic Adventure and debate and argue about what games their looking forward to.

You may hear it HERE or:

Upcoming games we argue about:

Dead Rising 2

Fable 3

Metal Gear:Rising


Gears of war 3

Sonic 4

Donkey Kong: Returns

Kirby Epic Yarn

Goldeneye 007

Fallout New Vegas

Epic Mickey

Silent Hill 8


the mortal kombat

Girls lip gets ripped while playing Nintendogs

Zombies in Black Ops

New PS3 Greatest Hits



Sep 222010

After two weeks of nothing, the Paranerds are back and are catching up. This week they catch up on the new releases, including Halo:Reach and Sonic Adventure on XBLA. Including News (see below). They also interview Gareth Evans about his interview with the Mafia II Protestors and his article about Batman: Arkham Asylum vs Batman Begins The Video Game.


They play “name that video game tune, off key” , Frank West Vs Chuck Greene and a review of Dead Rising:Case Zero. They also get hate mail, which is always fun.

You may hear it HERE


Zomb1es T Shirts

Metallica Vs Kanye West: DJ Hero 2

Little Big Planet 2 Pushed back ?

Michael Jackson MMO

Inception Video Game?

Aug 042010

This week the Paranerds speak about news and new releases. They also speak about the movie Inception , dreams, the Top Ten Modern Warfare 2 things to hate and Roosters Birthday.

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Email your jokes and/or dreams at Kevin@Paranerds.com