Dec 122014

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This week on the Paranerds Podcast, the Paranerds speak about Serious Sam Double D XXL, Watch Dogs, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2. Kevin finally got himself a PlayStation 4 and talks about Lego Batman 3. Little Big Planet 3, Disney Infinity 2.0,and P.T. (Silent Hills).  The two then go over new releases news (see below) and some deals of the week. Rooster and Kevin talk about the new Star Wars trailer and Kevin admits he was fooled by the fake trailer.

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Jul 122012

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: The Paranerds speak about Minecraft, Mass Effect 3, Mortal Kombat, The Walking Dead: Episode 2, Spider-Man Web of Shadows and Slender while Rooster explains the mysteries behind herobrine. They also read a lot of fan mail, go over new releases and look into News (See below). Kevin then discusses the Amazing Spider-Man game and the Amazing Spider-Man movie while ranting on the original trilogy.

Don’t forget about the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Contest!!

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Apr 242012

Recently I’ve been playing the Metal Gear Sold HD Collection. Yes, I’m also playing in chronological order because I’m cool that way. The Metal Gear franchise is home to some of the most wonderful and creative characters with the strongest personalities. They’re all likable in their adorable evil ways and although some may be stranger than others we accepted them all. Hell we accepted an arm being alive. What we didn’t accept was this guy.

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Nov 282010

This Week the Paranerds are late due to technical difficulties but are back with a vengeance. This week the Paranerds speak about new releases along with News (See Below). They also speak about the Top Ten Essential PlayStation Games and  hump Scott Pilgrim, the movie, the comics and the game.

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