Feb 212012

Last year we looked at how love can be used as an attack, this year we are just looking at games that really are about love just in time for Valentines Day. Either the premise or the whole reason of the game. Unlike movies, games aren’t really subtle about love, it’s pretty much in your face, but there are some games that are all about saving the one you love or finding the one you love and it’s hard to remember that, without love there probably wouldn’t be a game. This is Top Ten Games Based Around Love

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Apr 272011

This week the ParaNerds speak about Alan Wake, Splatterhouse, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Zombies and Pterodactyls. They also speak about News (see Below). Rooster reviews Portal 2 and Kevin has a bone to pick with Best Buy and Canada Post because he has yet received his awesome Tournament Edition preorder of Mortal Kombat.

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Mar 302011

Join the Paranerds as they celebrate their 50th podcast. This week they are joined with special guest: Casual James.They speak about Tiny Wings, Dragon Age 2, Duke Nukem 3D on iPhone, new releases and news (see below) along with Top Twenty Most Controversial Games split into two parts with an interview with Iron Liz in the middle thanks to Gareth Evans. They also have a special announcement to make and to find out what it is, you must listen.

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Mar 282011

So here it is:  part two of the Top 20 Most Controversial Games. ( Click here if you missed the first part) This was actually a  really hard list write , not only because we were thinking about the top ten games but also because a lot of the following games (according to the media) played some part in real life tragedies.  This means that I had to look them up to make sure they were legit. Compared to Part 1 these games might be darker and actually pretty damn depressing to read about.   Having played (most) of the games too was hard enough but writing about them was even harder. The stories that accompany the games and the reasons why they are controversial are generally deceptive, but the fact is that some people believe that these games do cause harm.  So here are the Top Ten Most Controversial Games.

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Feb 232011

This week the Paranerds speak about new releases and News ( See Below) along with a Salute to the Sega Genesis. The community stops by for a rant on Blizzards theme park and Rooster brings on a game that looks very good. Dead Island .

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Two Worlds III 2011

Free Back to the Future game Ep.1

Resident Evil 6 for PS3 ? RUMOR!

PlayStation store Surprise!

Bulletstorm= Rape ?

Video games prevent Nightmares?

Ipad 2 coming

Scott Pilgrim rejected Telltale

Feb 012011

2D sprites, oh how we love thee, you guys went from these little blocks of color with so much personality into full grown things. So it was strange seeing our favorite game characters jump from 2D to 3D. In this top ten list we take a look at the top ten classic characters that jumped from 2D to 3D. The redesign look, the amount of detail, but yet still the same character. These are Top Ten Classic Game Characters That Jumped To 3D.

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Dec 162010

As Christmas fast approaches you might be thinking of what kind of game to get your loved one. What games are worth purchasing especially if you can’t think of specific titles that are worth the money. This list compiles the best games to purchase for someone that not only offers the main game but extra content and games.  Instead of getting one thing you get more, that definitely makes the purchase feel like a steal. This is when you get extra stuff for free on a disc and with no additional  purchase necessary. Basically this list compiles the best game compilations and best games that offer you more, this is the Top ten games that give you more bang for your buck.

***Editor’s note***

We are in no way associated with Amazon.com, nor are we getting any money for this. I just wanted to make it easier for you to purchase these items if needed.

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Dec 152010

This week the Paranerds speak about new releases and news, SAW game and Doritos Crash Course (See Below) along with the nominees and winners of the Video Game Awards. They also debate on how and if video games desensitizes youth and does it effect youth violence. Rui also speaks about Free XBLA games and Mass Effect 3.

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Uncharted 3

Sony Tired of Kinect

PS3 more power coming

Kratos in Mortal Kombat

VGA results

Mass Effect 3 Leak

Metal Gear Rising: Release Date

JPN PSN Gets Chrono Cross

No Dreamcast 2

Case West release date and price range

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