Oct 252010

Let’s be honest, games are rarely scary. What I mean is actually disturbing and scares you on a psychological level. Instead games are more about the “boo”  scare. You know, the cheap, scary movie, cat throwing, moments in video games. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and we’re all aware of games that use this method to scare us. Which is why I couldn’t call this Top Ten the Top Ten Scariest Games, because saying “Boo” isn’t scary, just surprising. So that’s why it’s the Top Ten Startling/Disturbing/Scary games, I categorized the games under what they belong as well. Whether it is scary on  a psychological way, eerie or disturbing way, or just plane out “Boo” moments, here are the Top Ten Startling/Disturbing/Scary Games.

10 .Haunting starring Polterguy (Disturbing)

Haunting Starring Polterguy might be a little confusing because this game isn’t SCARY but this game is scary in theory. The actual game is funny and you can view our really bad made video here. Haunting is actually a  funny game, with people peeing their pants and fainting but some of the scares truly are disturbing. This includes watching an arm get sawed off and crawl around on the floor, a body falling from the ceiling splatting into a tub full of blood, the eerie music from the music box with an 8 foot ballerina comes out and her head spins a full 360 degrees. Eesh, just creepy. Like I said it’s disturbing more then anything, the idea of having a ghost coming around and doing all these messed up things just to kick a family out. One wonders why a HD remake has yet to be done…hint hint…EA