Jul 092012
Played on: iPhone 3GS
Developer:William Robinson

Anything on teeth makes me nervous, weather it be a game or a movie or even a song. Here’s a new IOS title named Teething, does it hurt?

Teething is actually quite a simple game that tries to make you like it. I’ve actually had a hard time reviewing it since I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I really enjoy the pixelated art but feel the overall look is too basic, but so was Break Out and look how what a success that became.
The point of the game is to avoid the sweet blocks of sweets as the tooth, not to collect them as I stupidly thought as I first tried to play. You avoid them by tilting your iOS device.Tilt  left or right so your character will zip across the screen in the direction desired. You avoid the basic blocks of sweets, tooth paste caps and other random objects. But there are some power ups like collecting a drop of toothpaste to gain a little bit of invincibility.

The graphics, like mentioned before are a good call back, I’ve definitely seen better call backs but it is what it is. There could have been something to make the game a little harder (like if the background would move for some distraction). And a little bit more animation wouldn’t hurt. I do however like the design of the tooth character. The music isn’t bad either but nothing stands out really. The game is pleasant to play for a while with high scores to achieve but it does quickly become repetitive and honestly a little boring.

It’s a simple game with a simple goal, there’s a lot of promise here but for what there is now it’s just too basic of an experience. It’s fun for the first time you play but really there’s nothing to unlock or achieve except for highscores. Some more power-ups, enemy types or even breaking the game into different levels to at least show some progress goes a long way. The more you level up thefaster the items get or maybe the bigger they get, I don’t know.  If it was a free title, sure go for it, but even for a dollar you can get something that offers a lot more . It does look great and I do like the idea of avoiding obstacles instead of collecting it, but like a bad tooth it just needs a little bit of tender love and care to polish that bugger up, I can see this improving with time. Until then…



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