Feb 212012

Last year we looked at how love can be used as an attack, this year we are just looking at games that really are about love just in time for Valentines Day. Either the premise or the whole reason of the game. Unlike movies, games aren’t really subtle about love, it’s pretty much in your face, but there are some games that are all about saving the one you love or finding the one you love and it’s hard to remember that, without love there probably wouldn’t be a game. This is Top Ten Games Based Around Love

 10.Super Mario Bros.

Why would anyone save the princess as many times as Mario did? Besides for story? Mario and princess are obviously in love considering how many times she’s kissed him and hearts appear. Very little dialogue is spoken between them and this is clearly visible. Most, if not, all games are based around saving the princess. Right from the first title of Super Mario Bros. to the newest Super Mario 3D Land, the point is the same. SAVE THE PRINCESS. Save the loved one?


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