Sep 242013

7. Copland (Vice City)


The series was on a silly high with Vice City, allowing you to live out every 80s gangster movie possible. Once you got yourself a nice mansion, you start handling business for yourself. Unfortunately, one of your associates messed up a simple job, attracting too much police attention. Of course you’re the one who has to sort it out.

The mission has everything and it develops into a climax fast. First, you have to build up a heat level to get police officers into a hide out, stealing their uniforms. Then, you travel to a mall to activate the bombs. Sound simple enough. Unfortunately, once it’s all said and done, Tommy picks up a hefty 5-star wanted level and has to evade the cops. It’s a phenomenal piece of escalation which turns into a heart pounding escape as you work to evade cops and FBI throughout the city.


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