Jun 292011

The thing about 2D styled games is that you either love it, or you hate it. When games starting becoming more powerful developers starting losing their minds by making games more realistic and more 3D, adding textures and details that will make a 2 year old cry. 3D was a huge step in gaming and most developers decided to take this route. Some games however pushed against the grain and instead decide to make a 2D game instead. We’re not talking  about 2.5D we’re talking specifically 2D games and gameplay. In order for the game to make this list it has to be A) Fun B) 2D gameplay works well 3) Either nice looking or cleverly used 4) Breathtaking gameplay or style–yes I said breathtaking. By the way I’m 100% positive your list will be different than mine, and I’m sure as hell certain you won’t agree. That’s the beauty of it.

With that said here are the Top Ten Modern 2D Games.

10. Super Meat Boy (Multi)

The best graphics? No. Some of the best platforming, yes! Super Meat Boy is such a simple title but also surprisingly clever. You’re Meat Boy you see and your goal is to save the princess (Sound familiar?). Super Meat Boy has hundreds of levels and some of them are the most challenging levels you’ll ever experience, and yes I mean that, EVER. The controls are spot on, 100% precise, which is very important for a title like this. It’s a 2D game that can only be done in 2D. The levels all get increasingly harder as you progress and Meat Boy sometimes appears to be just a spec at times. This is what people mean when they tell you to keep it simple. You’ll succeed! It’s pretty much a puzzle platformer but the way some of the levels are designed will make you wonder how they (the developers) come up with such premises. It’s aggravating, fun and if it wasn’t for the spot on controls it could have been a whole different game.


  3 Responses to “Top Ten Modern 2D Games”

  1. How come world of goo is not up here!? Not only is it a fantastic game, but its also available on Linux and Android, not just Windows.


  2. braid, osmos, and schizoid deserve to be on this list IMO, ESPECIALLY braid. That game was inspiring and impactful to my life.

  3. awesome

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