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The Simpsons have been around for 24 years. Read again, 24 freaking years. Obviously the show is successful even if lately has been ruined by celebrity guest stars and awful storylines (Moe’s rag? Really?) . But within those 24 year The Simpsons have come out with plenty of games.  A lot of games actually. The hard part was selecting 10 good ones since 90% of The Simpsons games are awful. Here are the 10% that don’t suck. These are the Top Ten Simpsons games.

10. Krusty’s Fun House – NES/SNES


One of the first Simpsons game I played (next to Bart Simpson vs. the Space Mutants) was Krusty’s Fun House on the NES. This actually had you control Krusty the Clown instead of one of the Simpsons themselves. Which is pretty ballsy if you think about it (then again back in the day Krusty was supposed to be revealed as Homer so maybe that was the point) and the goal was to lead rats to Bart who will then kill them in various ways. It was pretty much Lemmings but with Krusty the Clown. The odd thing is playing it recently it actually is still fun and quite challenging at times. The puzzles are really well thought out too. Yes, Krusty looks a little odd but you can tell its him, for the NES days that was rare.


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  1. I remember playing the hell out of the Arcade version back when it was cool for kids to have birthday parties at arcades, so that one has a special place in my heart. Road Rage and Hit and Run were a lot of fun and Tapped out is currently my biggest time suck, especially with the Halloween events going on right onw.

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