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The Wii U gets a lot of hate and I get it, the controller is big the system is expensive and there aren’t a lot of things that the Wii U offers that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can’t already do if not better. What Nintendo does offer that are different are games…well…they did. It took the Nintendo 3DS about two years to have games worth mentioning and chances are it’ll take the Wii U a couple of years to get there as well. There are great games like the new Super Smash Bros.  (which better be cross compatible with the 3DS) and Bayonetta 2 (which is even awesomer) but what about some other games they didn’t mention? We can’t help but speculate (or make up) some games that if they came out, can save the Wii U. Here are the Top Ten Games That Can Save The Wii U.

10. Pokémon Snap 2


I never really liked this game and the only time I did play it was at a local Blockbuster that had a small printer that would print your photos. Now with today’s technology and well over 500 Pokémon, imagine the possibilities. Of course the gamepad will be used as a camera but now with this new thing called the Internet, instead of printing the photos you can send the photos online then print them (if you want). It’ll be great for the whole family and equally hated by all.

9. Sim City U


Sim City came out recently and thanks to DRM crapped the bed really fast. No, I’m not asking for that Sim City, but a new Sim City for the Wii U. It’s such a perfect fit. The gamepad will obviously show you everything you need to know and it’s a way of putting items on the screen. And for giggles why not throw in some random Nintendo icons as seen in Animal Crossing. Now I know that the DS already has a Sim City game, mind you it wasn’t that great because they tried to give a story to it, but just give us Sim City 2000 with an upgrade and we’ll be set.

8. Super Mario 3 HD

One of the best Super Mario titles deserves a remake. Either in the style of New Super Mario Bros.  or just make it HD. Nothing really needs to change except for a nice graphical-upgrade …the console is in HD! Take advantage Nintendo! Now someone out there already remade Super Mario Bros. 3  with the New Super Mario Bros. format and it looks and plays fantastic, now let’s have ourselves a legal and fully-licensed game.

7. Kirby -Mix-a-Lot


You know how Kirby eats people and you get their abilities, what if the more people you ate the more they remained in Kirby’s gut? From there you can combine up to ten abilities and have Kirby kick some adorable ass? What I mean is make the gamepad act as a sort of blender. You have 10 spots for enemies and you can combine a whole lot of them to get the best power ups. The catch is the more you combine the less time you have to use them. The more enemies you hold the slower Kirby becomes. so if you have ten enemies in you (sounds nasty) you’re slower, but then you combine all ten and have a super-powerful attack that only last 5 seconds, so you gotta ask fast.

6. Mad World 2

One of the most underrated games on the Wii was only available on the Wii. It was crude, sort of racist and definitely “M” rated: Mad World. It looked awesome with the only colors being black, white and red…lotsa, lotsa red. It could be brought back for a second chance, who cares what the game pad will use…all that matters is that it comes back. Please. Nintendo. Make it happen. Show your fans you’re familiar with a little blood.

5. Eternal Darkness 2

Eternal Darkness 2 is no stranger to the top tens.  Eternal Darkness messed with players’ minds and their Memory [cards]. And it only had so much to work with. They can do it again, not only for the insanity meter but the gameplay could be fixed on too. It’s a sequel we all demand and one that gets ignored for some reason. I mean imagine if the gamepad all of a sudden flipped to the camera, and all of a sudden you’re seeing yourself on the TV, however your face starts to melt or something is on your face and it fools you into thinking there’s a smudge on the lens. It’s not that hard.

4. Fatal Frame V

Fatal Frame is a great horror game involving a person, a camera and ghosts. It’s also no stranger to out Top Tens as we wanted a part V for a long time. The Wii U has a tablet which can act as a camera if they wanted it to. The tablet will be the point-of-view of the camera obscura and just like in Zombie U the TV will act as the third-person game. It would be perfect and scary. As ghosts will only make their appearance on the gamepad. Imagine feeling the control vibrate only to literally move your body around and see a face that’s not on the TV but on the gamepad. They tried with the 3DS, only difference is that that took place in your living where this will remain in-game.

3. Super Mario Dark

Imagine a Mario game that doesn’t run on smiles and sunshine, but rather the dark worlds…only the dark worlds. Surrounded by lava and those creepy things from Super Mario Galaxy. Of course the game will have to be in 3D and difficult as shit. The gamepad will only be used for the map (because the levels are so big and require it), with a boo showing up to mess up your route from time to time…just because. I mean I don’t want Mario to be slitting Goomba’s heads off (although that would be cool an would just leave feet behind) but we need to change it up a bit. The goal this time is not to save the princess but get the hell out of…HELL.

2. Super Metroid U

Metroid Prime brought the game to first-person, Other M made Samus a wiener, how about a brand new Metroid game in the style of Super Metroid and Other M, minus the talking…you know old school? Instead of constantly having to pause to look at the map and upgrades it’s all there on the gamepad. Loose the first-person aspect as that will make the game harder and keep it sidescrolling. Have Metroids obscure your gamepad like the Boo in the above entry, have Samus’ point-of-view when she turns into a ball, or to look around using the gamepad.

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2



I mean come on; do I really have to say anything else?

What would you like to see on the Wii U, do you agree/disagree with the games mentioned above? Leave a comment below!


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  1. The Wii U doesnt need these games, it will do great with the announced games!

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