Oct 202011

Here is a top-down, shoot ‘em up game released for the Playstation Import store by Monkeypaw Games in its original format: Sonic Wings Special.

Sonic Wings Special was originally released in 1996 by Mediaquest then re-released two more times. It is a very basic shooter in which you control one of 10 fighters, yeah, 10 fighters to choose from and make it to the end o f the stage. The fighter’s are equipped with their own special abilities and looks. You can control a jet plane or even a helicopter or, to make things a little more interesting, how about a Dolphin controlling a plane.

It Can Happen!

The presentation is just spectacular with a lot going on on the screen. You will have projectiles coming from many directions and enemies from the ground and air trying to take you down. One shot and you’re dead. Luckily you do have extra lives and credits to continue your voyage.

Every fighter you control comes equipped with their own special ability. Some will blast a giant blue laser, some will freeze time and again, if you’re the Dolphin he will shoot out four big black balls and you can control it with the nose of your plane. Get it? A Dolphin hitting a ball with its nose? Oh never mind. It’s pretty amazing how much detail went into all the different types of planes you can choose from and even the special abilities are fun to use. Some abilities are better than others and it really is up to you to decide which your favorite are.


Sonic Wings Special is a surprisingly easy game but the difficulty does increase with every level. Still, depending on what fighter you choose and what special you have attached you might find yourself breezing through it or having a hard time. There are many levels to go through with some branching moments in which you choose where you want to go. It should keep you busy for a while especially if intended to beat it with every fighter.

The controls are ridiculously easy to navigate and understand and the different power ups you get are great. Some power ups will be homing while others will be a giant spray of bullets. It’s always fun working your way up to the best shooter by collecting power ups. The boss battles are also very interesting and some can be more challenging than others as well. It actually takes a good amount of strategy to complete a stage and you’ll find that when you do you’ll feel satisfied with the completed level. You usually start off with two “specials” but when you get killed and use a credit you’ll have them again making it sort of too simple.


As stated earlier you have a lot of fighters to choose from and more if you complete the game. It’s a really fun shooter that will have you coming back and playing with every single fighter just because you’ll want to. Some you’ll like more than others and others you will dread to use, mostly due to their special ability.

Sonic Wings Special is a great looking title with no slowdowns and a good soundtrack to boot. Anyone can pick this up and play because of easy the controls are. It’s a good ole’ shoot ‘em up that also has multiplayer so you and a friend can go nuts.If you’re a fan of top-down shoot ‘em ups than don’t miss this PlayStation Import.



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