Jul 092013
Developer: EA
Original Price:$6.99

Today’s Free App of the Day is a survival-horror game by the name of Dead Space.


Dead Space for the iOS is probably better than Dead Space 3. No, I’m not kidding. The story is well thought out, taking place between Dead Space and Dead Space 2 (even rewarding with an extra Power Node for Dead Space 2, assuming you feel like putting up with EA’s Origin service).  You play as Vandal, an engineer who gets into some deep doo-doo. Because the story really is that interesting I won’t say anymore.


The graphics are pretty damn amazing as the game works perfectly fine on the 3GS and probably better on later iPhones. The animations are all great and the controls are very easy to use. You can actually play this on an iPad -which is recommended- due to having more space on the screen to move. You can change the plasma-cutter to its secondary mode by tilting the phone like turning a wheel fast to make a lane change. It’s pretty easy to control and understand as the game walks you through a lengthy, but easy tutorial.


Make sure to play this game with headphones. I cannot stress this enough, if you were disappointed by the lack of any kind of fear in Dead Space 3, this is true to the original. You will get startled plenty of times and there will be moments when the game will mess with your head. e.g. seeing you walk towards yourself. It’s really creepy and the atmosphere and sounds add to it. There are also a load of extras including wallpapers for your phone, achievements and newly added game modes like Endless Mode: where there’s no time limit or health-regenerating or 5 minutes to kill, in which you face swarm of monsters, the more kills the more time added. If you don’t get this then you are a fool to miss out on this. Especially since the game is already almost $10, you can get it for free then complain about it like everyone else on the internet does. Either way, it’s free for a limited time.




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