Jan 242013


Played on: iPhone 3GS
Version reviewed:1.0.1
Developer:Orange Pixel

Another iOS title coming from Orange pixel has been released called Gunglugs. This is a change of pace for the Orange Pixel roster, is it a good change?


OrangePixel has given us many different games, platforming games, shooters, and, now we have another sidescrolling shooter but a lot more action-y and fast-paced. Gunslugs has you in control of a guy or a girl, whose mission is to destroy beacons and stay alive. Within the game there are optional objectives to complete as well.

Let me get this out of the way, this feel like Metal Slug, it doesn’t look like it but it’s as insane as it. You’ll have enemies dropping from the sky, from behind, some shooting grenades  and some blasting you with a flamethrower, all while helicopters are crashing, things are exploding and the game never skips a beat! Seriously, there is so much happening on screen I can’t believe that the game doesn’t freeze or slow down, and if it does, it’s intentional since it adds a badass effect of slow-mo to the scenes. Hell you can even switch weapons; you’ll have your regular pea-shooter, a gun that shoots in both directions. Flamethrower and so on just to add more to the destruction. Also, just like Metal Slug, you can ride in a tank as well and create even more mayhem.

It’s a hard game too, not difficult but hard. There’s a difference. Hard would be almost unplayable whereas difficult means it takes strategy and patience. If barrels explode or you kick in the door without thinking you can accidentally kill yourself and the game is over. But the game is so fast that you don’t care that you have to start from the beginning.

Especially if you have this fantastic music that goes along that once again has been made by the great Gavin Harrison, while writing this review I had the music playing in the background as the main theme for Gunslugs gives me chills of how fantastic it all sounds. There’s an option to turn it off but if you do that you’re iOS device explodes with shrap metal hurting everyone around you. Or at least it should as you clearly don’t know greatness when you hear it. The sound effects are also a delight to listen too as its all “pew-pew”.

Being an OrangePixel game you’ll be happy to know that the character are no bigger than your pinky nail while the environment are nicely detailed, oh and of course it’s all pixel-like. The attention to detail is strong here as well as not only does the explosions effect whatever is around but you’ll even see bullet-casing from your gun, something that would have forgiven if it wasn’t included, added so much more. There are also bonus levels that look like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Land which definitely made me smile like a fat-8-year-old.


One of the main problems with iOS games are the controls and thankfully the controls work very well. Their simple and not overly-complicated. Left, right, shoot and jump is all you need. You can even spread them apart further if you as we’ll desire which is always good for those of us that have fat thumbs.

Gunslugs is again, another great game to add to OrangePixel’s roster. I don’t know how so many games are produced so fast but instead of the quality dropping, it’s always better and always different. Please support them and get this game. It’s definitely worth the admission.




Fun graphics with little detail
Nice Bonus levels


Playing first level over again when you lock your device
Little hard to progress

We received a review code for Gunslugs.  All opinions are honest and of the minds of the Paranerds.com staff.



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  1. Hey, great review! I’m a fan of the music in this game, and I think overall it’s probably OrangePixel’s best title yet.

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