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Recently, thanks to the PlayStation deals of getting Resident Evil games half price (or free if you’re a PlayStation plus member) I have been playing all of  the Resident Evil games. I already owned Resident Evil for the DS cleverly titled Deadly Silence (get it…? DS?). So naturally I’ve been playing it all from the beginning to Resident Evil 5, while playing I’ve come to realize that the old style plays a lot better at times than the new gameplay. Then I’ve finally made it to Resident Evil 4. The game in the series that took a different route and threw the “survival/horror” aspect right out the window and became a third-person shooter. The game is great mind you, but it definitely wasn’t as chilling as the original three. Then I played Resident Evil 5 and as much as I enjoyed it I’m starting to think that the series should return to its roots because I didn’t enjoy it as much as Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 5 was good albeit tried to mimic the style of Resident Evil 4 a little too much. It didn’t have that same impact RE4 did although it did and still does look great. There is something about…

Health and ammunition
I guess my problem with the new Resident Evil style is that they’re not scary. They didn’t even startle me. It just felt like another shooter. Resident Evil was all about having almost no ammo and very little health. In Resident Evil 4 & 5 I was building a house with health and ammo with every thing I shot down. The original games however made it more terrifying to walk down a corridor because you had no health, three zombies and 2 bullets. One zombie can literally ruin the game for you and  saving the game was rare (damn ink cartridges) you actually had to be careful. This added an element of survival and anxiety that is missing from the new titles. It was supposed to be hard because you had nothing to begin with. When you found a shotgun or ammo you felt rewarded not expected. This element is gone from the newer titles and didn’t have the same effect on the monsters we were facing. It’s also because of the…

Camera Angles

Look, Resident Evil 4 created the awesome over-the-shoulder camera angle. It’s a great angle and it works perfectly, to be honest I can’t imagine playing another third-person shooter without this angle. But compared to the original games that had the fixed angles I very much prefer the fixed angles. Why? Because they were creative and kept the view limited. You’d never know if there was a zombie on the next screen because of the camera getting all freaky on your face. It definitely  wasn’t perfect since if you were backing up and entered a new screen the controls would mess you up but it was creative at least. It made shooting zombies all the more interesting and when you did get a headshot it was satisfying as all hell. The moving cameras always had the feeling that you were being watched and made you feel that your world was topping over, because in the game it was.  Remember how terrifying it was to step into a hallway only to hear a Zombie and not exactly see one…speaking of not actually seeing a zombie…

Bring Back Zombies

The new enemies infected by the virus were not scary. They’re disturbing looking yes but scary no. If you see a single zombie slowly walking toward you in an empty hallway; that’s terrifying. A mob of infected is just annoying. There are still a couple of standout enemies like the dude with the chainsaw (especially when heard in a far distance) but Zombies are always scarier and worse in a crowd. At least they don’t stop and do a little animation like in newer installments. Los Ganados of Resident Evil 4 and Majini of Resident Evil 5 were just fun targets to shoot at, I never saw a group and said ” Oh crap”, I looked at a group and said ” Oh sweet, more first aid kits”. Zombies are slow, dumb, and usually friends or families that have become infected, that’s what makes it hard to shoot at. The other guys are just random people who seem to be a little pissed off. Also Zombies are what made Resident Evil stand out at the time, there really wasn’t a game like this and now it’s become a typical shooter which means that you won’t have trouble…


The inventory was terrible in the original Resident Evil games, it was even worse in Resident Evil 5 with the new stupid 9 space inventory. Resident Evil 4 however, in my opinion,  had a great inventory that made sense. You literally have to make room for everything. It was kind of like a game on its own.  This is one of the rare times that the newer title made sense. In the previous installments surviving meant how much inventory space you had. Why an ink Cartridge took as much space as a gun is beyond me, at least there were chests that would hold these items for you and  you can retrieve it later. Resident Evil 4 had the merchant with the world famous “What are you buying?” which is weird because we don’t know who or what he is, but in Resident Evil 5, it just made no sense. We bought items and health after we died at an imaginary store.  BUT, In Resident Evil 4 an Rocket Launcher was the size of a Rocket Launcher where as Resident Evil 5, three eggs means half of your inventory space. It also didn’t help that everything was bright and there wasn’t really any…


The original Resident Evil games had a great atmosphere. It was silent and the only thing heard was the wind or the moans of the undead from far away. Add in a little scream here and there and you got yourself a nice deserted location. Resident Evil 4 and 5 wasn’t creepy at all. Sure there are some moments in which this happened, more so in Resident Evil 4 but not in Resident Evil 5. It was too crowded and too alive in an ironic sort of way. Remember walking by a window and hoping it wouldn’t randomly shatter with crows or dogs. It was subtle in a not so subtle way and that’s what was good about it. The newer titles were too in your face to the point it was no longer scary. Sure it still made you a little anxious to have a chainsaw wielding maniac chasing you down with a one hit kill, but it was even more terrifying hoping the busted police cruiser’s door wouldn’t bust open with an undead. Then it didn’t….then it did …boom! Scary stuff.

What do you think? Do you prefer the old style of the Resident Evil games or the new style? Leave a comment below.



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  4. I agree with you for about 80%, they should go back to the roots.
    I literally played for about 60 to 80 full games of RE4, i think it was an innovation for the series, and RE5 gave closure for the story about the origin of the T-virus.
    when it comes to gameplay, it is not so scary.
    To get back on the camera angles, your right, it takes out the anxiety, because you will never know if there is something around the corner.
    With RE 4 you will be prepared most of the times for what’s coming to you.

    In conclusion to my reply: Capcom get back to the roots, new/evolved virus, new scary setting perhaps?
    And lets not forget, REAL zombies!

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